Sat Yoga is the science of traversing the plane of illusion and achieving union with the Supreme Intelligent Luminous Love-Emanating Egoless Presence—the Self. With the guidance of a Self-realized teacher, a multi-dimensional path, and an adept spiritual community of healers and teachers-in-training, we offer an authentic and perhaps unique environment, ideal for attaining true Awakening, Illumination, and Liberation.

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A contemporary school for timeless wisdom

Learn about the fundamentals of the Sat Yoga teachings and the advanced yogic curriculum offered only at the Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica:

The Sat Yoga Institute and Ashram continues the tradition of wisdom schools that have been the foundation of human high culture for as long as there have been historic records.

From the earliest pre-Vedic schools of Yoga based on the teachings of Shiva, to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece, to the esoteric schools of hermetic, kabbalistic, and alchemical studies, to the classical universities in medieval Europe that were dedicated to the seven arts of liberation, to contemporary shamanic yogic wisdom schools such as the Sat Yoga Institute, the human spirit has been nourished, refined, and transformed by teachers who have reached the highest levels of Self-realization and who transmit the power of Supreme Being to others.

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“Human consciousness is a spectrum of potentiality. Except for a rare few sages and saints, we have not as a species attained the upper end of the spectrum. We must do so now, and thereby create a shift in the planetary noetic field.” ~ Shunyamurti

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Curriculum and Path

The curriculum of the Sat Yoga Institute is a synthesis of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions with new teachings received from Source that have never before been revealed. The teachings are transmitted in an energy field of radiant love that unveils the essence of the Word within the words. Timeless metaphysical knowledge contextualizes the insights of science, philosophy, and psychology, offering a portal to liberation from maya—which can be called ignorance, sin, and illusion—but which comes down to ordinary egocentricity.

Sat Yoga is an authentic non-dogmatic path of profound insight authenticated by experiential Self-discovery. The process is one of consistent, on-going deepening, releasing, ripening, and flowering. The work is not based on blind belief, emotional manipulation, or allegiance to sacred texts. Rather, our approach stimulates and develops your own heart-centric intelligence, critical reasoning, and will to engage in relentless de-repression of the Shadow, through such processes as group encounters, art, music, drama, dream interpretation, symptom analysis, free association, shaktipat, and the fundamental attention to atma vichara, or Self-enquiry.

Discover the online Teaching Library

Explore a selection of Shunyamurti’s teachings as an introduction to our school’s vision and approach. Visit the online teachings library

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Our educational curriculum is vibrant and constantly morphing in response to the needs of our students and to current events. We read widely and discuss many philosophic, mystical, and transpersonal texts. We view many profound films, study the history of art, the metaphysical implications of the hard sciences, listen deeply to the most inspired world music, and let our own creative juices flow through the practice of many forms of art and writing. But the core is always immersion in total timeless presence.

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The Ashram – A Center for Higher Learning

The Sat Yoga Ashram, situated in the misty mountains of Costa Rica’s southern coast, on sacred land named Arunachala (after the holy mountain of Shiva in southern India) is the home of our residential wisdom school. It is a unique center for higher learning, transformational processing, and deep meditation, led and energized by the presence and daily teachings offered by Shunyamurti. It is a unique environment in which to delve into a life-changing process of inner exploration, testing one’s growth and maturity in the challenges and joys of dharma-based communal living.

We offer retreats, seminars, and longer-term immersion programs designed to bring about heart openings, confer the strength to release old traumas and unhealthy behavior patterns, augment the ability to unlock the yearning for the Supreme Liberation, and guide the seeker lovingly and adeptly through a sacred process of ego death and divine rebirth as Pure Spirit.

How to Study with Us

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Learn Online

Watch, listen, and read from a selection of Shunyamurti’s poetic, timeless wisdom in our online teachings library, and subscribe to our mailing list to receive our latest publications. We also offer hundreds of recorded teachings on our YouTube video channel and Podbean podcast channels.

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Short-Term Programs

Join us for a week-long retreat led by Shunyamurti, for one of our many meditation weekends, or for one of our seminars at our Ashram. These shorter programs are powerful, transformative, and the ideal way to get initiated into Sat Yoga teachings and way of life in a short time.

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Immersion Program


Immersion programs are for serious seekers who wish to experience life at our ashram for an extended period. If you are ready to go deeply into the Sat Yoga teachings, and experience the power and bliss that can be gained during a sustained period of practice at our ashram, we invite you to learn more.

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Long-Term Study – Discipleship Track

If you hear the inner call to serve as a healer, a guide, and a builder of a new world, to participate fully in the transformation of the planetary consciousness, we offer advanced discipleship tracks and eventually the possibility of a full initiation into the Sat Yoga spiritual order, which is wholly dedicated to this sacred task.


There are several lifestyle options for a Sat Yogi: a resident sannyasi, a resident villager, an online learner, or a regular visitor. We are also developing service-oriented business opportunities for our eco-village members and student scholarship funds for those requiring financial assistance to study here.

To begin your journey….

Please apply first for a spiritual retreat or an immersion program, where we can have the opportunity to meet you and discuss and explore your intentions with us. Once you have completed your program, and if you resonate with the energy field and want to commit to transplanting your life here, we look forward to opening that conversation.