Currently we do not have any immediate volunteer openings, but we are working hard to open up more spaces for hosting the growing number of seekers who have expressed their interest in participating in a seva/study program.


If you would like to register your interest, we encourage you to fill out an  application form, so that we can learn more about your background, your skills, your physical condition, and your underlying desire in spending time here, so we can assess the ways in which you could contribute to the development of our community and find the appropriate role for you. We will keep you on a mailing list to receive specific updates to our volunteer program and new opportunities to participate in our spiritual community that will no doubt arise. If you do not wish to receive these updates, please let us know.



Alternatively, we do offer the Seva Dhari Program that may be of interest to you: We invite you to read more about our  Seva Dhari Program. This program is already up and running for 2017 with five start dates throughout the year. This three-month program provides an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the teachings of Shunyamurti and the daily life of the Sat Yoga community. This program differs from our volunteer positions which generally require a highly specialized skill set and focus on a specific project.


Unfortunately, we must charge a fee for the Seva Dhari program to cover our costs of hosting people. If we ever receive a sufficient level of donations to enable us to lower or eliminate such fees, we will do so. But without requesting such fees (and we have kept them as low as possible), we could not offer the program. We do, whenever feasible for those in financial need, offer discounts and scholarships, for this and all of our programs.

In the meantime, if you are unable to join us in person, please enjoy Shunyamurti’s teachings online:

Teachings LibraryIn joy the very best of Shunyamurti’s teaching. Click here for a very special selection of free videos, podcasts, and essays.