Sat Yoga Vision

We are creating a spiritual seedbed of higher consciousness that combines…

A visionary artist colony that encourages inspirational art, film, theater, dance, music, poetry, literature, culinary arts, and develops new approaches to sublime and transformative creative expression; 

An esoteric wisdom school with university-level courses in such fields as consciousness studies; meditation practice; quantum physics and its practical implications; transformative dream work; comparative metaphysics; shamanic and energetic healing; yogic sciences; development of supernormal abilities; exopolitical studies; next-generation therapies that go beyond transpersonal psychology, psychoanalysis, systems theories, and other current approaches. Other core subjects include nonviolent communication, leadership training, and community building;

A permaculture farm and village that will include alternative energy generation and off-grid living, an artisan craft center, a retirement community, and a safe refuge for children and adolescents; a place to prepare for the best of times and also for the worst-case scenarios of climate change, economic and sociopolitical destabilization, food shortages, heightened seismic and radioactivity conditions, energy grid breakdown, and other such possible cataclysmic events pertaining to imminent planetary death and rebirth;

A multidimensional spiritual healing and retreat center offering transformational retreats year-round for personal growth, spiritual crisis clinics, and individual healing intensives;

An ashram for the current times providing a contemplative and pure lifestyle for the achievement of our highest potential, a place to visit or to permanently live a life of simplicity, inner peace, and joy with like-minded beings, in union with our Real Self.

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We welcome all seekers no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, or religion, who feel called to discover and explore a life dedicated to the highest spiritual attainment.

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