10-Day Imperience Retreat

Learn about the inner forces that have been configuring your life, and receive the master key to a state of lasting inner peace and empowerment. The Sat Yoga Imperience Retreat offers you the precious time and space to reflect deeply on the challenges you are facing and how to overcome them through the timeless science of Sat Yoga.

In this 10-day program you will be guided through an extraordinary body of knowledge developed by Shunyamurti, the founder and director of the Sat Yoga Institute.  You will be presented with a clear conceptual map of the human spirit that will help you make sense of your external life experience as well as the realm of imperience, the mysterious inner dimension of your being which includes dreams, visions, pranic and kundalini energies, spiritual intuition, as well as the shadow: the traumas, fantasies and the deeply rooted knots that reside in the unconscious. Armed with a clear understanding and vision of your life’s trajectory you will be empowered to move forward with a renewed sense of meaning, towards the achievement of your highest potential.

Starting with the Sat Yoga Meditation Weekend, this retreat consists of a carefully developed program of practical wisdom classes offered in small group settings,  daily meditation sittings, healing art classes, group discussions, satsangs in the company of Shunyamurti, and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Sat Yoga Ashram. 

Rest, reflect and meditate deeply on what you have discovered, and rejuvenate in a sacred mountain refuge of peace and natural beauty.  Leave inspired and strengthened by the spiritual knowledge that will allow you to realize your ultimate destiny.

What will you learn in this retreat?

  • Learn about the  importance of meditation, about the obstacles to achieving stillness of mind, and understand what is required in order to maintain an effective meditative practice.
  • Understand the basic structure of the human ego, how it operates and affects your day to day life, and inhibits your development to higher states of consciousness.
  • Discover a map of human consciousness from Ego, to Soul to Spirit and understand the universal trajectory of the soul’s development and where you are in the journey…
  • Explore the basics of the Sat Yoga spiritual practice and understand how to make use of these timeless principles to rise beyond your current state of consciousness, and to achieve victory over illusion and suffering.  

And much much more… 

reflection at the river

“I went to this retreat with no expectations but hoping that it was going to be life changing. I laugh now, but at the retreat I cried a lot. A lot of feelings came up but the experience was truly amazing, amazing, amazing… We were taught that there are events that change our lives, and for me the retreat was such an event. It totally brought me to a crossroads where a decision had to be made – to live in Truth or not. The teachings made perfect sense and helped me realize that I have a lot of inner work to do to let go of what I have been carrying for so long.” ~ Fabian Villa Michel, Costa Rica

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The program includes…

  • 10 day/9 nights
  • Sat Yoga Meditation Weekend
  • Accommodations in our charming bhavans (cabinas)
  • Delicious vegetarian meals with ingredients from our organic gardens and the local farmer’s market
  • Daily  “Imperience Retreat” wisdom classes offered in small group settings
  • 4:00am meditations in the healing energy field of the Sat Yoga sangha (community)
  • Evening classes (daily) which include meditation sittings, Sat Yoga community classes and satsangs with Shunyamurti  
  • Dedicated time to journal and reflect about what you have discovered
  • Transformational & healing arts classes
  • Optional asana (hatha yoga) practice
  • Time for walks in the beautiful natural setting of the ashram 
  • Participation in karma yoga (selfless service) at various ashram departments including kitchen, gardens and housekeeping 

collage community

Sample Daily Schedule

The retreat begins with a Sat Yoga Meditation Weekend and continues with a daily schedule that offers a balance of inward and outward activities:


  • 4:00 – 4:45    Morning Meditation
  • 4:45 – 6:30    Free time for reflection / walks in nature / asana practice
  • 6:30 – 8:00   Opportunity for service in the community kitchen and gardens
  • 8:00 – 8:45   Breakfast
  • 8:45 – 9:15    Clean up and chores
  • 9:15 – 11:00   Quiet time to reflect and process
  • 11:00 – 1:00   Imperience Retreat wisdom class


  • 1:00 – 1:45      Lunch
  • 1:45 – 2:15       Clean up and chores
  • 2:15 – 5:30      Quiet time to reflect / optional afternoon activity 
  • 5:30 – 7:00     Evening Class ( meditation/ satsang / study group)
  • 7:00 – 7:30     Dinner
  • 7:30 – 8:00     Dinner Clean up
  • 9:00 – 3:30     Dream time


The core of our ashram is the Sat Yoga Institute – a school for advanced studies in psycho-spiritual transformation grounded in the ever-evolving teachings of Shunyamurti, an accomplished spiritual teacher in the Gyana Yoga (higher knowledge) tradition. We offer a profound synthesis of the most subtle wisdom-teachings of both East and West. Shunyamurti has faithfully translated the knowledge of the ancient yogic sciences into relevant, usable contemporary terms and integrated with the world’s religions, mythologies, and shamanic traditions, as well as the hard sciences and Western postmodern philosophical thought.

The Sat Yoga path leads to an accurate understanding of all levels of consciousness: it is a path that requires (and develops) the willingness and ability to think clearly and deeply, the courage to face painful issues, and the perseverance to transform and reach ever higher levels of spiritual potential. This deepening process of self-understanding, and of understanding reality as a whole, is cultivated through daily classes, study groups, reading assignments, creative classes and activities, individual transformational sessions, as well as our intensive retreats.

Sat Yoga modules covered during this program include:
    • The Sat Yoga Kundalini Map
    • The 10 Yogas
    • The 10 Universal Traumas
    • The Personality Strategies
    • The 7 Levels of Ego Development
    • The 7 Realms of Knowledge
    • The 7 Realms of Intelligence Development
    • The 7 Types of Meditation

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Radha Ma is the Gyana Director and head of the teaching team at the Sat Yoga Ashram. She is the director of the Imperience Retreat and Immersion Program curriculum and leads many of the classes alongside other ashram teaching staff.

She is the ashram’s first clinical atmanologist, as well as the ashram Musical Director.

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One-to-One Transformational Sessions

At the heart of our transformational approach to living are individual transformation sessions, based on the unique approach called Atmanology. Atmanology is not psychology, psychoanalysis, or Jungian analysis—but the process begins from where they leave off, entering the highest spiritual vibrational levels. Ego transcendence and transformation, healing and inner peace are the goals.  The process can catalyze liberation from ego, healing of body and emotional trauma, and profound new understanding and transformation of life. These sessions are led by either Shunyamurti or Radha Ma or another trained atmanologist. The fees for these sessions are calculated separately from the program fee and will vary according to each person’s requirements. We strongly encourage all Immersion Students to participate in sessions. More information about costs will be provided as part of your application process.

~ Read more about one-to-one sessions ~

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$1,350 This includes a 10 day/9 night stay in shared accommodation (2-3 in a room) plus all meals and activities. Please inquire about private accommodations.

Booking Policy – Retreats and Immersions


For any questions please write to retreats@satyogainstitute.org
For FAQ’s about registration, application and arrival please visit our FAQ page

Experience, Imperience & Sumerience | Read MoreIn this short essay, Shunyamurti explains spiritual development as a double passage from one mode of perceiving reality to a second and then a third, from the mode of experience to that of imperience, and finally to that of sumerience.