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“I was so moved by Shunyamurti’s teachings, every word was piercing my heart. And what transpires is the grace, the reverence for life. I have aspired to that for so long and all that has been repressed, and experiencing that has been a flourishing. The beauty, the purity, the harmony, the silence. Everything is in my heart and I think this is just the beginning.” 

Sofie Bramoullé,​ France


“Through the last year I have been studying Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Bruce Lipton, Adyashanti and then went on to Shunya and he just seemed to be the most knowledgeable about everything. Shunyamurti’s presence – there is just something about him that makes me almost glow inside. His words are so powerful, they have had such an effect on me and looking back on them, is exciting just to think about – that’s how good they were.” 

James Walker, USA



“From the grace that all of you are shining, I remembered who I was. I have seen the sacrifices and the admirable work that you all are doing as one. I have no words to express my gratitude for what you are all doing, sharing this love while waiting for nothing in return. You are this love and I can feel it vibrating around.”

Jérémy Comalada, France

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“I feel truly at home.  There is a sensation here of harmony, order, love, and care. The beauty one sees outside is a reflection of the inner peace you’ve created. From the food to the meditation, the yoga, the information, the wisdom, the sharing with others —all of these things make you sigh and say, “I’ve found somewhere very special”. 

Maria Fernanda Gil, Costa Rica




“It was magical to me – the kinds of friendships, the harmonious exchange; opening my heart.” 

Jean Christian Beau, France


“My first visit to Sat Yoga Ashram was an amazing experience. It showed me the path through presence, simplicity and purity. During the year I did some serious thinking, which led to new questions. That’s why I decided to come back for an Immersion Program. The quantity of information offered during a retreat is enormous and one truly needs time to process it. That’s why joining an Immersion after a retreat is the best thing to do.” 

Nikola Galic, Slovinia


“I’ve never experienced anything like this before. This is the sanest place I have ever been in my entire life. Moving through the world and thinking of how this paradigm shift looks like, it’s like it came out of my mind and pulled in front of me when I walked onto the land here. It’s incredible what is being co-created here. There are no words for that.”  

Shanna Barney, USA



“What I’ve found here coincides with what I dreamed of as an intentional community. I know the concept of permaculture very well, and you’ve improved on it with the concept of premaculture with the essential ingredient of human spirituality. I’m greatly impacted because you’ve created what I dreamed of. I find it coherent, respectful, and full of love and peace. I’m leaving with a great desire to return—and spend more time here.”  

Nydia Rodriguez, Costa Rica


“Thank you! This has been the best 3 weeks of my life! Thank you for providing all the fuel that my soul desired in order to manifest, grow and transform. Thank you for opening my eyes, and showing that living in absolute truth is indeed possible. I am extremely grateful for this life changing gift, and I could therefore not have wished for anything better. I cannot wait to be back soon!” 

Claire den Hartog, Belgium