Quantum Yoga ~ New Shunyamurti Teaching

In anticipation of  Shunyamurti’s upcoming five-day retreat focusing on chaos theory and complexity theory and the connection between science and the transformation of consciousness, we share with you this teaching. You can learn more about the retreat below.

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An exploration of science, spirituality and yoga: 

Nonlinear Dynamics and the Primordial State

—A Five-Day Retreat Led by Shunyamurti, May 26 – 30, 2018



Nature, planetary social organization, and consciousness comprise an integrated nonlinear dynamic super system. How can we use the latest scientific understanding of quantum mechanics as well as chaos, complexity, and catastrophe theories to achieve the ability to access and function in the Primordial State of Unitive Presence?


The Primordial State is that of Supreme and Perfect Realization of the uncreated Absolute. Once our mind has overcome the chaotic level of ego domination, and we have achieved the restoration of our natural and original energy flow, the intensities of joy, love, and creative intelligence will manifest the most exquisite emergent properties that now lie latent, and create the highest levels of fulfillment and optimal functioning in all sectors of the system of the Cosmos.

The way out of the current critical situation of endangered planetary existence is to use all our scientific understanding and our potencies of un-conflicted thought to penetrate beyond the nihilistic event horizon of the human level of becoming, to enter fully the posthuman and transhuman—and in particular, the superhuman—dimensions of our Being, from which we can gain the insights and powers of interconnectedness on the quantum level of reality to solve all our current problems. We have the power to bring a new world into Being. But first we must attain the Real Self. Let us reason together into the Truth of the Real.

During these five days, we will intensively practice quantum nonlinear meditation methods. We will come to understand the dynamics of ego consciousness and how to gain control of the complex and chaotic subconscious vectors in constant conflict and bring them into higher order. We will come to integrate individual consciousness with the forces of Nature and the Primordial Source of the Quantum Unified Field.




A retreat with Shunyamurti is a powerful and life-changing event. Spontaneous, inspired, and always unique – Shunyamurti’s presence and teachings have the uncanny power to address your deepest questions, to free your mind from its most painful fixations and to open your heart to its ultimate fulfillment.



The retreat will include the following:

• 4 nights shared accommodations in our charming bhavans (cabinas)
• Healthful, vegetarian meals, morning chai (tea) and snacks
• Profound teachings, guided meditations, & self-inquiry that help bring about states of inner peace & communion with your True Self
• Spiritual exercises designed to dissolve the egoic shell and encourage transformation and growth
• Outdoor activities & river walks that allow you to go inward, unwind, & rejuvenate in the palpable silence & tranquil beauty of nature
• Morning asana (physical yoga) practice most mornings overlooking the valley
• Creative writing & artistic expression classes and activities that inspire freedom
• Joyful immersion in an ashram on the sacred mountain of Arunachala


“Incredible, it went beyond my expectations. I am very happy and grateful to have had the chance to experience this retreat. It was uplifting spiritually, mentally, physically… I came with very specific spiritual and emotional issues that I wanted to transcend and were accomplished and expanded in ways that can only be described as miraculous. I salute the divinity in your collective endeavour and wish that you can make it available to more people.” ~ David Zeledon, Costa Rica.

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More Information about retreats:


International Visitors – $1200 
Costa Rica Residents – please inquire for a local price.

Your contribution includes shared accommodations in one of our delightful cabins, all meals, and activities during your stay. Single supplement is available for an additional fee. 

Any questions? Write to us – retreats@satyogainstitute.org


Mouth watering vegetarian and vegan meals that are integral to our ashram life and retreats. In our retreat we serve three hearty meals each day plus snacks. Dishes are created from organic produce grown in our own gardens or sourced from neighboring farms, or when necessary brought from the local feria (farmers market).



Nestled among flourishing gardens and cloud forests, our six comfortable bhavans (spiritual abodes), offer an ideal environment to embark on a profound inner journey. Each simple, yet tastefully designed, room provides comfortable sleeping space for one to three, with private single rooms often available upon request for a supplemental fee.

Our accommodations offer pleasant and spacious shared bathrooms as well as private balconies and large windows that overlook the natural beauty of the surrounding forests and gardens. The soothing sounds of flowing water and sweet songs of native birds (and sometimes the awesome howls of monkeys!) provide the perfect conditions for meditation and relaxation.


Getting to Us

Our Ashram is located in the Pérez Zeledon region of southern Costa Rica, an estimated 4-hour journey (by car/bus) from the capital, San Jose. You can arrive with your own 4X4 vehicle, with a carpool or by a combination of bus and a taxi. We usually have pre-arranged carpool or bus groups that leave from San Jose the morning of the event. When needed, we use a reliable taxi service to bring guests to our ashram from the nearest town, San Isidro. Once you are registered for the event, you will receive more information about arrival and departure options from our registration coordinator, Amrita. If you are flying in to Costa Rica, we recommend that you arrive to the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose (SJO) at least one day before the event starts. From there, you can spend the night in San Jose area or go directly to San Isidro where there are several hotel options.

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Any questions? Write to us – retreats@satyogainstitute.org

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