The Sat Yoga Ashram 4-week Immersion Program is for serious spiritual seekers wishing to immerse themselves in a longer and more intensive process of Self-enquiry, spiritual study, deep meditation, egoless service, Sat Yogic practice, self-discipline, and dharma-based community life. It is offered for those who are eager to pursue an accelerated path to ego transcendence and the ultimate spiritual goal of Self-realization.

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Immersion In the Bliss of Being

Sat Yoga means union with the Real Self, the true essence of our Being. This union can be achieved when the mindwaves have been stilled. In the silence of pure presence, one can peer into the depths of consciousness and reach the inner Source that can never be objectified. The Sat Yoga Ashram Immersion Program is designed to enable you to attain this supreme realization.

The program consists of a carefully developed program of practical wisdom classes offered in small group settings, plus several daily meditation sittings, intimate one-to-one meetings with your program guide, special classes in the arts, satsangs in the company of Shunyamurti, and opportunities to share ideas with the ashram resident yogis during meals, karma yoga shifts (communal service), and group discussions. 

Enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Sat Yoga Ashram in the mountains of southern Costa Rica. Join our unique spiritual community dedicated to a life of sustainability, joy, creativity, goodness, and the realization of our highest truth.

The program begins with a Sat Yoga Ashram Meditation Weekend or Shunyamurti led Retreat. This is the ideal introduction  to dive into the energy field of Sat Yoga, and a first opportunity to encounter the profound teachings of Shunyamurti and our joyful way of life. Your immersion program will begin immediately following this event. 

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Study, Serve, Abide in Sahaja Samadhi

Karma yoga, or seva, is selfless service, which is a core practice of Sat Yoga. Joining in communal karma yoga is a great privilege, a way of serving God as part of a superorganism. You may be involved every day in various seva projects, both outdoors and in the kitchen or office, while having ample time to study deeply the Sat Yoga knowledge of the dynamics of ego, soul, and Atman, and do intensive inner work to realize the Supreme Self.

Commitment to the goal of ego transcendence is always at the core of everything we do. For this reason, we ask participants to commit to the keeping of the yamas and niyamas, the ethical yogic guidelines in the art of living by which our community abides, for the duration of their stay here.

One-to-One Transformational Sessions

The immersion program also includes as its essential core a number of individual transformation sessions, based on the unique approach called Atmanology. This is not psychology, psychoanalysis, or Jungian analysis—but the process begins from where they leave off, entering the highest spiritual vibrational levels. Ego transcendence and transformation, healing and inner peace are the goals.  The process can catalyze liberation from ego, healing of body and emotional trauma, and profound new understanding and transformation of life. These sessions are led by either Shunyamurti or Radha Ma, or another trained atmanologist. The fees for these sessions are calculated separately from the program fee, and will vary according to each person’s requirements. More information about costs will be provided as part of your application process.

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4 Week Immersion Contribution – Starting with a Meditation Weekend: $2500

4 Week Immersion Contribution – Starting with a Retreat: $3200

These prices include shared accommodations, 3 vegetarian meals per day, and participation in all ashram activities during the program.  Please inquire about private accommodation options, and about discounted rates for Costa Rica residents.

Fees for one-to-one sessions are calculated separately from the program contribution, and will vary according to each person’s requirements. Please be prepared to offer a contribution ranging from $50 per week up to $300 or more, for those who want the most intensive program possible for accelerated growth and healing.

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Extended Stays

Extensions of the length of the immersion retreat may be offered to those who wish to stay longer than a month. Please enquire with our registration team retreats@satyogainstitute.org

Want to know more?

For any questions please write to retreats@satyogainstitute.org
For more Information about registration, application and arrival please visit our FAQ page 

The Sat Yoga Ashram is a spiritual refuge for all serious seekers looking for a sacred space to heal and grow spiritually at this time of planetary transition. We are always seeking donations so that we can help more people in need come here on scholarships. Our capacity to offer financial aid is severely limited at this time. But if you wish to participate in retreats offered by our wisdom school but require assistance to cover the tuition, please inquire for more information about our options of financial aid with Amrita, and we will do what we can to be of service. Amrita retreats@satyogainstitute