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Liberation is a Choice ~ Shunyamurti Satsang Teaching

In this satsang teaching Shunyamurti gives the Sikh’s explanation of why we avoid bliss: Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachment), and Ahamkar (arrogance).  

The Long Journey Home – Shunyamurti Video Teaching


Exploring The Depths of Consciousness ~ Satsang Teaching


How to Lead an Inward Life ~ New Satsang Teaching

“To lead the inward life you must lead an upward life…”  

Can You Solve the Riddle of Existence? New Satsang Teaching

“To discover the truth the yogi must not presuppose that the truth is already known, must not except some prefabricated version of truth, but must discover this for oneself.”  

Defeat of the Ego is Grace (Om Tat Sat)

“The victory of God is the defeat of the ego…”

Shunyamurti Mahashivaratri Teaching

    Learn about the spiritual significance of this ancient Holy Day. Shunyamurti discusses the universal archetype of Mahashivaratri as well as giving a teaching on the Nataraj and the many symbols […]

How to Develop a Culture of Consciousness

How to Develop a Culture of Consciousness “Human beings must learn how to be, must create culture, must create schools, must enter into an educational process and with great difficulty, […]