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The Practice of Delight ~ Shunyamurti Teaching

“The delight is the natural state. So before we acquired egos, all of us were always in a state of delight, that is the normal baseline of human consciousness. And then an ego […]

The Sat Yoga Trivium & Quadrivium

Learn about the fundamentals of the Sat Yoga teachings and the advanced yogic curriculum offered only at the Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica. “Sat Yoga teachings are divided into an initial […]

Silence: The Way and the Goal ~ Shunyamurti Teaching

God is a Gambler ~ Shunyamurti Teaching

A very special teaching presented here in its entirety.   “The only way that God could satisfy his gambling impulse was to create a universe that was Himself, but in which […]

The Skin Ego ~ Shunyamurti Teaching

Understand the psychological reasons why we are addicted to a virtual, superficial reality.  This teaching has generated a lot of debate on social media. Catch up with the conversation; we have collected and […]

Why Miss Out on the Magic? Shunyamurti Teaching

“Consciousness is magic – but to adopt the egocentric frame of reference means you have sacrificed your magic – your magic powers lie in that consciousness which is beyond the […]

Feel the Energy of Life ~ Shunyamurti Teaching

  Can you feel the energy of life flowing through your organism?  Do you allow the energy of life to fully flow through every cell of the organism?  Are you […]

The Escape: Hatch!

“The only escape hatch is that place from which new information arises, that touches the receiver of the dream and transforms its frame of reference from within.”  In this teaching Shunyamurti describes yoga […]

International Yoga Day: A special message from Shunyamurti

“Speaking as a yogi, I feel called to express the reality of the importance of this day. It is fitting that the world is coming to recognize the importance of […]

Meditation: Discovery of your Innermost Self

“Until you have found your own truth, the Real that is your innermost being, you will be lost and dependent on the opinions of others and the validation of others, […]