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How to Develop a Culture of Consciousness

How to Develop a Culture of Consciousness “Human beings must learn how to be, must create culture, must create schools, must enter into an educational process and with great difficulty, […]

The Real Game of Thrones

How to Claim Your Inner Power in a Time of Crisis

Santa Claus and the Power of Forgiveness ~ Shunyamurti Christmas Teaching

“What does Santa Clause give? He gives you a present. Most people only have a past, Santa gives you a present. He gives you Divine Presence. It is the Presence […]

Shunyamurti Hanukkah Teaching

Learn the spiritual significance of Hanukkah. Shunyamurti discusses the universal archetype of the festival of light as the celebration of the illumination and enlightenment of humanity. Learn the history of […]

The Absolute Cookie Dough

“One could use the metaphor of an infinite sheet of cookie dough. And there is a cookie cutter that has cut a certain amount of this dough and separated it out-that’s the ego. And so because […]

Who is the Knower of the Matrix

“Consciousness places a grid over the known, objectifies it, calls it a world, calls it external, divides the external and the internal, and creates an illusory identity. And the only […]

Into the Wild

“To return to our wildness we must know who we are, we must reach that level of Truth that is not identified with an I-thought, with a body form, with […]

Shunyamurti Thanksgiving Teaching

Life: The Impossible Game

“The game can never be won at the level of which it is being played. To win the game requires the creation of a Meta game. This Meta game has […]