If you recognize the urgency to actualize a new vision of human existence, based in the integrity of the highest consciousness, simplicity, harmony with Nature, and the purest ethical principles of timeless dharma—and if you feel the sacred importance of helping to sustain such priceless sanctuaries of healing and seedbeds of planetary rebirth, please support this unique and vital project. We depend on God inspiring you to offer a generous contribution from your Heart. And we offer you our blessings.

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Since 2002, the Sat Yoga Institute and our community of spiritual pioneers have been building the foundation of a new culture, based on authentic living wisdom and real egoless love, a truly sustainable alternative to the prevailing egocentric models that are no longer providing hope. We are serving the great planetary awakening that is underway. This luminous ashram community is an oasis of peace where sincere seekers are always welcome to rejuvenate, to learn, and to grow. Our home of healing love is your home. It is time for all of us to come Home to the One Self of blissful love.

Your donation today can make a real impact. It will allow us to continue to build this spiritual refuge of peace in a time of anxious global transition.



Building a refuge for a time of transition:

Situated in the lovely mountains above the municipality of San Isidro de El General, the Sat Yoga Ashram, founded in 2009, encompasses 108 hectares of tropical cloud forests, pastures, springs, a picturesque cascading river, organic gardens, and food forests.

The Ashram is blessed with pristine and diverse sources of pure water, abundant wildlife, and the basic necessities for simple but comfortable living, including the durable roads built, reliable electric power from both solar and conventional sources, and some distance from population centers but with easy access to a small city with all the needed facilities, making the property an idyllic and peaceful abode for establishing a self-sustaining ashram and prema-culture village.

We have already built a spacious meeting hall with dining area, visitors’ lodging facilities, volunteer housing accommodations, and a few homes of permanent residents that also provide offices, a research library, classrooms, and other kinds of work spaces. But we have a lot more building to do, agricultural projects to augment, and infrastructure to improve. We need your help.

Please enable us to complete the following projects:

Building Paradesh - an advanced permaculture research center

We are currently in advanced planning for the construction of a permaculture research center, which is a key component of our sustainability efforts.

The Sat Yoga Ashram encompasses an ambitious permaculture project that includes a reforestation program of more than 3,000 trees, including fruit trees, as well as many other plants to create food forests. Our planting and seed bank projects are geared not only to feed and sustain those living at the Ashram, but also help to preserve many varieties for the heritage of our planet, as well as serving our neighboring communities. We are actively engaged in beekeeping to restore the native bee population and are implementing cutting-edge water catchment, erosion control, and waste water treatment modalities to protect the water table for the entire valley.

We are developing a model that goes beyond permaculture ethics in what we call premaculture (prema being the Sanskrit term for divine love). All of our work with the land is infused with a loving recognition of our Oneness with Nature, and we strive always to commune with the land and one another respectfully and with sacred care.

Ongoing infrastructure development and maintenance

A great deal has been accomplished in the 5 years since the ashram land has been acquired:

  • Several food forests planted/cultivated that are already producing diverse crops that feed our community.
  • Six lovely and comfortable cabins that allow us to offer retreats to international visitors.
  • Improvements such as structural reinforcement, landscaping, and painting to the main community lodge.
  • Roads and road system improved and expanded using the most responsible means to prevent erosion and protect water sources;
  • Worm composting, bees, and various forms of organic permaculture solutions put into place
  • Weather station installed to help research the local climate patterns and respond adequately to a changing climate
  • Off grid water system created ensuring year-round supply of pure potable water to the Ashram
  • Student-housing built that can accommodate up to 40 residents. 
  • Three homes with offices and research library completed which serve as communal facilities, including a craft center and a variety of meeting spaces.

With your help, we can expand our facilities to enable more people to benefit from our offerings, and create the infrastructure necessary for the sustainability of our future prema-culture villlage. This would include additional lodging for visitors, including cabins for longer term retreatants and students; a center for the arts, to provide a beautiful site for sharing with the world the inspiring renaissance of creativity and joy blossoming among our artists; the imperative acquisition of more land to expand our village potential so we can offer more facilities, such as schools, recreation centers, and home sites to future community members, perhaps including you… and much much more.

Developing and expanding our educational offerings, research programs and transformational courses

Support the educational component of our organization:

The Sat Yoga Institute is the global headquarters for the study of Sat Yoga, the ancient art and science of spiritual liberation that is based on the ancient schools of Yoga that arose in India thousands of years ago, and the mystery schools of ancient Greece that perpetuated the same science of consciousness. Today, the arts of liberation are no longer studied in universities, except in their reduced form as the so-called liberal arts. Spiritual liberation is no longer a goal of education in the contemporary world. Therefore, there is a need to revive the kind of school that studies the transformational sciences and is dedicated to human psycho-spiritual development and transcendence of ego. Our institute is dedicated to developing and sharing advanced knowledge that addresses the root issues of our personal and global crises, and offers the tools and support to meet these challenges.

For this, we are developing university-level courses in such fields as consciousness studies; meditation practice; quantum physics and its practical implications; transformative dream work; comparative metaphysics; shamanic and energetic healing; yogic sciences; research in the development of supernormal abilities; exopolitical studies; next-generation therapies that go beyond transpersonal psychology, psychoanalysis, systems theories, and other current approaches. Other core subjects include nonviolent communication, leadership training, and community building.

Your donation will help support the development of a higher learning facility like no other. A place where a new paradigm can be realized. We are bringing visiting professors of many disciplines from around the world to teach at our campus and we are training teachers who can offer true healing to our troubled world.

Please help us to continue to develop this one-of-a-kind educational facility, a true center of higher learning.

Offering scholarships to committed students

We currently offer scholarships to a number of committed yogis who are volunteers and trainees at our Ashram.

These scholarships allow students to focus fully on the process of self-transformation, and to offer egoless service to the community and to all who visit. They make the management of our Ashram possible.

Your donation today will help support these courageous souls who have committed their lives to the service of our planetary healing.

Growing and maintaining our online outreach channels including our free online teaching library.

Shunyamurti’s teachings touch the lives of thousands of people from all around the world.

They offer inspiration and profound insights for those seeking guidance and empowerment on the spiritual path.  We offer many hours of free video and audio as well as a wealth of written teachings by Shunyamurti online via our website. We also offer free teachings on our popular YouTube and PodBean channels.  

All of Shunyamurti’s teachings are lovingly recorded, curated, edited, and prepared by a group of dedicated volunteers, using the latest equipment to ensure the highest possible audio-visual quality for our ever growing global audience.  Your donation will go toward the maintenance and purchase of computers, audio/visual equipment, secure storage, and the availability of internet connection in our Ashram. Through your support we can also continue to develop our publications department, to edit and disseminate books from Shunyamurti’s many essays and daily talks.

Please help us share these timeless truths with the world.

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“To participate in the creation of an ashram is the ultimate adventure. It is the greatest honor and privilege a human being can attain. An ashram is an avatar factory, a human butterfly farm, a spawning ground for angels.” ~ Shunyamurti 

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With your help, we can continue to research and put into practice innovative and holistic models of sustainable living, including alternative energy generation and off-grid living.

Please help us implement ingenious solutions that can be emulated globally as we seek to replace obsolete organizational structures that no longer serve our civilization with new modalities functioning at higher levels of consciousness that serve the whole.

We thank you for your willingness to be part of this great adventure.

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Every dollar you donate goes directly to the building and sustaining of the infrastructure and educational and scholarship programs of our ashram/wisdom school, the fruits of which will be shared with the world.

You may make payments via our secure Paypal account. If you prefer to make a direct donation to our bank account, please write to for the details.

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