The Sat Yoga Ashram is a paradoxical integration of many radical endeavors. We are a yogic monastery, a spiritual think tank, a school for research into our potential supernormal capacities, a healing and retreat center, an artist colony, a residential community, and a future prema-culture village with plans for developing a full-scale innovative university, teaching knowledge and skills that are truly relevant to our rapidly changing planetary situation.

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Sat Yoga Ashram commenced activities in 2009 and is dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness in preparation for the coming new era. We have designed our ambitious project to function as an ark, a refuge, and a center for the renaissance of the human spirit. Our ashram, built on the slopes of Arunachala, named after the sacred hill in India on which our patron sage Sri Ramana Maharshi lived his exalted life, serves as a sanctuary from the distractions, noise, and chaos of modern life and provides a sacred space for healing, renewal, contemplation, and inspiration. Our ashram is located in the misty Pacific mountains of southern Costa Rica and encompasses 108 hectares of tropical cloud forests, pastures, springs, cascading rivers, organic gardens, and food forests.

We offer many ways to participate – from meditation weekends to seven-day retreats to longer immersion programs, as well as other kinds of educational seminars, in fields such as permaculture, culinary arts, sacred music, fasting, and other alternative healing and cultural modalities.

Sat Yoga Ashram, Spiritual & Meditation Retreats, Costa Rica

Our Way of Living  – Sat Dharma

The Sat Yoga Ashram is unique. Blending the timeless spiritual wisdom and principles of yoga and advaita with a postmodern depth approach to transformation, we encourage a dynamic yet disciplined intelligent trans-egoic lifestyle, emphasizing the value of ongoing learning, creative expression, communion with Nature and the Supreme Self, deep meditation practice to stabilize the inner silence, meaningful uplifting relationships, and service to the spiritual community and the world.

The members of our sangha (our spiritual community) honor the traditional yogic vows, the yamas and niyamas. We are dedicated to working ceaselessly toward ego transcendence. All this happens in a joyous environment of creative freedom and authenticity. The community is always open to new ideas, original styles, new revolutions in philosophic thought, music, art, poetry and literature, new processes to facilitate spiritual growth and nurture healing, nobility of spirit, and true greatness. We recognize the ancient, timeless values of what is often referred to as the perennial philosophy: we devote our lives, as all yogis, saints, and sages have traditionally done, to attaining the Supreme Reality, abiding in nonviolence, purity of mind and heart, and generosity of spirit motivated by the empowering principles of Love, Goodness, and Truth

Sat Yoga Ashram Community Sangha Dhrama

The Ashram Community

The Sat Yoga Ashram is now home to a group of 30 permanent residents who are disciples and leaders of our spiritual order, and who form the core of our growing community. These students have arrived from many different countries, with different professional backgrounds and ages—ranging from their early twenties to late sixties. In addition, our virtual community spans the globe from Australia to South Africa, from Hungary to Brazil, from Malaysia to Mexico: people enthusiastically following the Sat Yoga teachings and contributing through their comments, questions and stories. In 2018 we hope to develop even more opportunities to interact with and nurture our virtual sangha through webinars, a variety of helpful membership offerings, sacred music CDs, and wisdom publications.

Spiritual Community Creative Expression

Our Prema-Culture Village

The Sat Yoga Ashram is in the initial phases of creating an prema-culture village adjacent to our monastic core. This will offer an idyllic environment to participate in retreats and daily spiritual and cultural activities, while maintaining the freedom to come and go, maintain a business, raise a family, or enjoy an inspiring and active retirement. This village will one day provide its members with the unique benefit of living in close proximity to and participating in the powerful energy field of the ashram while maintaining an autonomous lifestyle in harmony with a community dedicated to real divine living.

Ashram community and eco village

Our prema-culture village is being designed as a model community based on synergy, simplicity, sharing, growing together, and experimenting with innovative approaches to sustainability. We encourage alternative energy generation and off-grid living. We plan to develop all the facilities, food crops, and skills necessary to thrive healthfully, even if the larger system breaks down. We are developing an artisan craft center, new kinds of schools with psycho-spiritual awareness and empowerment training for children, care facilities for the retirement community, and recreation of many kinds for children and adults. This will be a safe place to prepare for the best of times and also for rationally responding to the worst-case scenarios of climate change, global economic and socio-political destabilization, food shortages, heightened seismic and radioactivity conditions, energy grid breakdown, and other such possible cataclysmic events pertaining to the planetary transition that will likely accelerate in coming years.

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Humanity is moving into unprecedented planetary conditions. Those who are awake and recognize the blessings hidden in this critical historic moment can ride the wave of change and be part of the rebirth of our world at a higher level of consciousness, love, wisdom, and unity…

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Visit and Study at our Ashram

We offer many opportunities for learning and spiritual development. Our Ashram and community are here to serve your highest calling. Currently, we offer 3-day Meditation Weekends7-day Spiritual Retreats led by Shunyamurti, Immersion Programs and Seminars at the Ashram.

We cannot yet receive unplanned day visitors or accommodate one-night stays outside of our reserved schedule of events, but we hope to do so in the near future.

Becoming part of the community

We receive many inquiries on how to become permanent members of the community, either as monks (sannyasis), long-term volunteers, or as resident villagers. To all interested seekers of a life-long path and loving spiritual family, we invite you to begin your journey with a seven-day Spiritual Retreat or an Immersion program. These will allow you to test the waters and discover if this is the life you want. Our retreats provide the ideal conditions to discuss in depth your interest in taking renunciate vows or building a home in this community. If you find that you resonate with the energy field and want to commit to transplanting your life here, we look forward to opening that conversation.