Since 2002, under the visionary guidance of Shunyamurti, the Sat Yoga Institute has been planting the seeds of a new culture based on Truth, Goodness, and Divine Love. During this time, Sat Yoga has developed into a vibrant ashram community and unique wisdom school for serious spiritual seekers who are ready to answer life’s most profound questions, experience the healing power of silence, and discover the sacred dimension of life.
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Sat Yoga Institute

The Sat Yoga Institute was established in 2002, by Sat Yoga’s director, Shunyamurti, as a response to the fundamental crisis our civilization is facing today. The Institute’s mission is to offer a refuge of peace and vision in a time of global transition, to accelerate the transformation of human consciousness and contribute to the spiritual and cultural renaissance that is fermenting now on our planet.

Over the last decade, the Sat Yoga Institute has grown gradually to include an ashram and retreat center in the mountains of Costa Rica’s southern coast. We are supported entirely through the generosity of our committed students, founders, and friends from Costa Rica and beyond.

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Our Ashram

Our ashram commenced activities in 2009 and is wholly dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness in preparation for the coming new age. We have designed our ambitious project to function as an ark, a refuge, and a center for the renaissance of the human spirit. It is a yogic monastery, a retreat center, a residential community, and a future prema-culture community, and we are working towards the establishment of a full-scale innovative university, teaching knowledge and skills that are truly relevant to our rapidly changing planetary situation. Our ashram serves as a sanctuary from the distractions, noise, and chaos of modern life and provides a sacred space for healing, renewal, contemplation, and inspiration.

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We welcome all seekers no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, or religion, who feel called to discover and explore a life dedicated to the highest spiritual attainment.

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