Alchemy of the Atman, Retreat Costa Rica

Shunyamurti, Spiritual Director, Sat Yoga Costa RicaALCHEMY OF THE ATMAN
June 16 - 22, 2012
Led by Sat Yoga Spiritual Director, Shunyamurti

The real alchemy is the transformation of consciousness, from egoic suffering, weakness, fragmentation, negativity and lack to full divine empowerment, joy, strength, wholeheartedness, whole-mindedness, overflowing positive energy and love.

This alchemy is achieved through the process of inner purification and Self-realization. This is the path of Sat Yoga.

The Self in the ancient Yogic language of Sanskrit is the Atman. By realizing our true eternal nature of Atman (in religious terms, the Holy Spirit) we gain detachment from the impulses and Meditation at Arunachala Costa Ricaaddictions that otherwise hold us in enslavement to false consciousness.

In this extraordinary retreat, we will perform a series of graduated spiritual exercises designed to liberate us from the false ego consciousness and empower us to live as the Atman, with full integrity, illumination, and immersion in God-realization.

Our lives will be healed in this magical week of surrender to the Supreme Power, and we will be able from that moment on to live in luminous clarity, wise decisiveness, unshakeable one-pointedness, and openhearted bliss!

We hope you can join us for this liberating experience of the Absolute Self!

This unique retreat will offer the following:

Creative Writing, Self-Discovery, Sat Yoga Costa Rica• 6 nights shared accommodations in our tranquil and charming bhavans (cabinas)

• 3 healthful, vegetarian meals a day, morning chai (tea) and snacks

• Life-changing understanding of alchemical process of ego dissolution and transmutation

• Concrete approaches containing and witnessing the baser emotions of the ego so that they may become sublimated creative expressions that enhance rather than inhibit your life

• Profound morning mahavakyas (spiritual teachings) and blessings that wisely and lovingly guide the intention of the day

Beautiful Bhavans at Arunachala• Many opportunities to go inward in deep silence and reflect, unwind, rejuvenate in the tranquil and natural setting of the ashram

• Morning asana (physical yoga) practice

• Rejuvenating nature and river hikes

Seva (service) in ashram gardens, kitchen and Mahatma Lodge

• Creative writing classes to explore the effects of the spiritual practices and teachings

Nada yoga (sacred chanting and singing)

• Joyful immersion in an ashram community

A Sample Day at a Sat Yoga Retreat

Yogis Discover New Ways of Relating4:00 am Early morning meditation and inspirational blessing and teaching

5:00 am Chai Time! Enjoy Arunachala spicy chai tea in the calm silence of the morning that is perfect for reflection and continued meditation.

5:30 am Sunrise yoga (asana) class overlooking the breathtaking, lush valley.

6:15 am Meditative work in the garden

8:00 am Breakfast of fresh fruits, cereals, toast and delicious
hot dishes

Organic Farming, Raw Food Foraging, Costa Rica10:00 am Morning Class or Activity

12:00 pm Light snack

2:00 pm Gourmet vegetarian lunch

2:45 pm Group chores (karma yoga)

4:30 pm Evening meditation

5:30 pm Evening Class

6:30 pm Dinner


The Mystery Embodied at Arunachala, Costa RicaSat Yoga is a wisdom school, an ashram and a spiritual community that all operate on an economy of love and generosity. Your donations coupled with the voluntary service of students enable us to continue our work. All contributions are used to support our offering of free classes, inspirational and educational activities, a wisdom-filled website, and a refuge of peace at our ashram and retreat center. We also use donation funds to further research projects in permaculture and spiritual transformation that are shared with the wider community of people interested in solving the problems of the world. Sat Yoga sponsors a growing group of volunteers who selflessly serve the community and work diligently on purification of their souls. We sincerely hope that our efforts will benefit your spiritual development, bring you joy and insight, and inspire you to achieve your own highest potential. Your support of Sat Yoga is greatly appreciated.

Keeping with the tradition and giving spirit of an authentic ashram, our visitors are all expected to share in the daily seva (volunteer service). Those paying at the Sat Yoga Community tier may be assigned to extra duties and occasionally will be asked to sacrifice participation in a planned activity if needed.

Cost: $1150*
* Note, this price is for international visitors. Local residents and Sat Yoga community members please inquire about modified prices.

Contributions include: All retreat meals and snacks, accommodations in shared rooms/bathrooms, meditation gatherings, teachings, asana classes, various transformational activities, seva and nature walks. Transportation is not included in this price.

Please note: All retreat contributions must be paid in full, 8 days prior to the retreat, or Friday, June 8. Any contributions received after this point will incur a $50 late fee, unless you have made a special arrangement with our retreat staff.



Rainforest View From Balcony, Costa RicaInside Beautiful Bhavan, Arunachala Costa Rica

Nestled among flourishing gardens and panoramic mountain views, our six comfortable bhavans (spiritual abodes) offer the ideal space to embark on a transformative inner journey. Each simple yet tastefully designed room provides comfortable sleeping space for two*, a private balcony and large windows that overlook the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. The soothing sounds of nearby streams and sweet songs of native birds create the perfect conditions for deep meditation and relaxation.

*All prices are based on same-gender shared accommodations.


Our vegetarian meals are prepared daily by the mindful and loving hands of Radha’s Kitchen. Tender, radiant greens are picked every morning to preserve freshness and the nourishment from the sun and earth. Weekly visits to the food forest provide us with staples such as malanga (taro root) and banana bunches. As much as possible, we try to acquire fresh food items that we don’t yet cultivate from neighboring farmers and on our Thursday trips to the local feria (farmer’s market).

Radha Cooking in Bliss, Sat Yoga Costa RicaRadha's Kitchen Pasta Ashram Costa Rica


Sat Yoga retreat has the power to make us whole. This power comes from the combination of meditation, spiritual teachings, and service to the spiritual community, seva, done in a state of karma yoga, egoless and joyful spontaneity and love. Seva or service done while your attention is immersed in meditative silence that is detached from any particular outcome or result leads to effortless and enjoyable work. Only when the love and joyful energy field of karma yoga is spread by example through seva, can an ashram be sustainable.

We invite all visitors on Sat Yoga retreats to feel the blissful experience of being part of a true ashram community through daily participation in seva. Throughout your stay, you will have many opportunities to gather with fellow yogis to contribute time and energy to the success of our retreat, learn new skills, get to know others on the path and enjoy the satisfaction of selfless service. If you have any special talents that you can share with our community, please specify that on your booking form.

Nirmala Collects Orgainc Bananas from Ashram Food ForestShivani Performs Karma Yoga in Greenhouse

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Watch the video below to see a teaching from Shunyamurti on "The Alchemical Process":

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