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The Sat Yoga Ashram and Retreat Center is a dream that has been ten years in the making. We have been growing our spiritual community here in Costa Rica for all that time. But only now are we ready to make our insights, our meditative practices, our vision, our philosophy, and our shakti-filled energy field available on a larger scale to visitors, spiritual seekers, and potential new community members who are already coming from around the world.

organic-food-forestNow we have prepared for you a secluded and sacred space for metamorphosis, in the rural backwoods of a remote high-country tropical rainforest, for fulfilling the imperatives of transformation and transcendence, not to mention survival through a time of great planetary transition. We have been reforesting, protecting wildlife, planting gardens and food forests. And we have been building lovely wood and bamboo cabins for our guests. Now we are ready to share our work with the world, and offer you the opportunity to join our great adventure.

Now everyone who seeks either a temporary reprieve from a profane existence into a paradise of divine presence, or a permanent alternative to life in a corrupt and collapsing global civilization, can come to experience a real and viable option—a community with integrity, universal values, a non-religious, non-sectarian spiritual path, and a determination to live in compassionate truth.

For those seeking a life devoted to psycho-spiritual development; to communal harmony; to service of the world; to simple, permaculture-inspired, environmentally-respectful, eco-village living; and to blissful contemplation of the Absolute—now there is an oasis of refuge from the rat race.

mountain-god-shivaNow you can come to this holy mountain of Arunachala, named after Shiva's sacred peak in southern India, the home of the late great universally-beloved sage Ramana Maharshi, to study and meditate with a living teacher of the perennial philosophy, and be part of an extraordinary group of visionary beings who are preparing a model way of life to meet the challenges of the very near future, the end of an age and the beginning of a much higher civilization of enlightened cosmic beings.

Our approach to inner transformation brings together the ancient wisdom of the East—including the traditions of Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Buddhism, and Taoism—with the mystical traditions of the indigenous, Middle Eastern and Western cultures—including those of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, ancient Egypt, Sumer, Druidic and Celtic knowledge, native North American, Mayan and Incan teachings, plus esoteric paths such as alchemy, theosophy, and more recent offshoots of those traditions. All this is melded with the most significant contemporary insights of Western science and philosophy, psychoanalysis, transpersonal and archetypal psychology.

ashram-sunsetOur retreats offer a simple, natural, and relaxing approach to meditation. They do not involve long, rigorous periods of sitting, unless that is what you want to do. Instead, our idea is to encourage you to abide in a state of peaceful, inner silence and luminous, love-full Self-awareness while you walk in the sacred forest, bathe in the purifying river, gaze at the majestic waterfalls, in the morning watch the awesome sunrise, and in the evenings the amazing sunsets—and then immerse yourself in the nightly stars. Meditate while eating delicious vegetarian meals, enjoy the peaceful ambience and the healing simplicity of your retreat home, as you listen to the sounds of birds and monkeys emerge from the silence of the surrounding mystic space. This approach is called sahaja samadhi—easy, spontaneous absorption in the Self—or nisarga samadhi—the natural ecstasy of oneness with Nature.

A Sat Yoga Meditation Retreat is an inner journey far more than an outer adventure. Yes, there will be plenty of time for silent meditation sitting. And there will be guided meditations as well, and movement meditations, and special practices, like pranayamas, for beginners. But we offer much more than that. You will have the chance of a lifetime, to sit every day with an authentic spiritual guide, to ask whatever questions are in your heart, to get to know your deepest Self, to heal your soul wounds, to divest yourself of obsolete beliefs, behaviors, and identifications. You will have the opportunity to journal, to write creatively, to sing, to dance, to practice asanas, to understand your dreams, and in general, to contemplate the meaning of your existence. But what is unique about the sacred time and space of a Sat Yoga retreat is that you will be able to receive profound and powerful spiritual energy, wisdom, and love from the Source. You will be able to accelerate your inner evolution. You will get to taste the bliss of Self-Realization. Then you will have the choice to live spontaneously forever in the grace of that inner divine light and love. You will be able, if you desire it enough, to attain the Supreme Liberation.

sattvic-environmentAchieving inner freedom is the ultimate purpose of a spiritual retreat. You will be able to return to your life recharged, re-aligned with your Higher Self, and possibly even reborn, with a new level of understanding, a more intense and alive consciousness, and with a new vision of how you want to live. Finally, you will be empowered to live fully, to live in the present, to live without fear, without negativity, without baggage from the past. This is what you will receive from a Sat Yoga retreat. It is not simply a vacation. It will open you to a new vocation—a higher, clearer calling from the Supreme Beingness within. It will open you to the Infinite.

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