In the pristine mountains of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, the Sat Yoga Ashram awaits your arrival. Our idyllic spiritual retreat center on the sacred land of Arunachala (named for the holy mountain where the great sage Ramana Maharshi lived and taught) is now open to serve you. If you are ready for a deep inner journey of healing and Self-realization, a loving meeting with a compassionate community and a wise spiritual guide, for communion with Nature and the bliss of non-duality, then this may just be the sacred destination you have been dreaming of. Click here to download a printable version of our 2014 retreats calendar.


Sat Yoga Meditation Retreats


are designed to offer a balanced program of inner and outer practices. There is plenty of time reserved for sitting meditation—the first sitting starts at 4am for those who want to greet the dawn in sublime states of samadhi—but also time for asanas and glorious walks to see the many species of exotic birds, the monkeys, the waterfalls; and to pick vegetables in the gardens or plant trees in the food forests; plus time to relax—by the river, in the sauna, in Mahatma Lodge, or in your quiet and comfortable cabin; plenty of time to read, to journal, to reflect on your life; time for deep and enlivening conversation; time to listen to profound teachings; to engage in a variety of transformative processes—that may include transcendental breathwork, movement and dance, chanting, dreamwork, shaktipat and pranic healing, and group sharing. Delicious and hearty vegetarian meals and refreshments will be served as well.

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2014 Sat Yoga Retreats - It´s Time for a New Inspiration!

2014-retreats-collage-big-webFebruary 15 - 21, 2014 (7 Days)
The Dao of Love

One of the most ancient terms for ultimate reality is the Dao. The Great Dao cannot be named, but if we have to specify its ways of interpenetration of our conscious experience, it appears in the form of Love. So the Dao of Love becomes the Way of Transcending ego, of transforming our relationships and our patterns of thought and action, and of opening to the Infinite. Come join us for the revelation of the ecstatic core of your Real Self, as you follow the inner spiraling path of the Dao of Love.
Contribution $1350*

*Note, this price is for international visitors. Local residents and Sat Yoga community members please inquire about modified prices.

March 19 - 23, 2014 (5 Days)
Awakening to Freedom

Realize your inherent power of creative freedom, joy, and fulfillment-through the simple experience of Absolute Presence! Once you awaken, you will never fall back into the sleep of suffering-and you will become a bodhisattva, an awakener of others!
Contribution $950*

April 12 - 18, 2014 ~ Semana Santa (7 Days)
Healing Into Wholeness

Whenever there is a need to heal, there is some blocked flow of life energy that seeks Wholeness. In this experiential retreat, we will get to the root of whatever is manifesting as dis-ease, and learn to live filled with the Spirit of Healing and Wholeness.
Contribution $1350*

May 24 - 30, 2014 (7 Days)
The Path of Paradox

All true spirituality is paradoxical, because that is the nature of the Real. To become aware of the hidden paradoxes in life, and to be in resonance with God's paradoxical sense of humor, is to follow the unnameable Dao of Paradox, to grok the Buddha Mind of Perpetual Self-contradiction, and to laugh at the pseudo-seriousness of the ego that cringes in terror of the lethal paradox that will make it go poof!
Contribution $1350*

July 12 - 18, 2014 (7 Days)
Infinite Being

You are always already infinite in your Real Being-Being that transcends the opposites of being and non-being. You need only remember the Truth of what you are. In this retreat, we will open up to the limitless space of pure blissful liberation that is the Great Satisfaction you are seeking. Your Infinite Self awaits you in your Heart.
Contribution $1350*

August 23 - 29, 2014 (7 Days)
Death and Rebirth

All religions begin as rites of passage-the death of an obsolete identification and the birth of a new sense of Self that is more adequate as a vehicle of the wisdom and power of your full potential. Wherever you are in your life's trajectory, it is always time for the next rite of passage, into the ever-greater appreciation of the Boundless Love and Creative Intelligence that you are!
Contribution $1350*

September 27 - October 3, 2014 (7 Days)
Timeless Truth

Deep meditation-the salvific silence of Samadhi - in the context of a clear understanding of the nature of the Supreme Real, brings us to the ineffable Truth of our eternal Presence. Combining profound ego-shattering paradoxical teachings, divinely beautiful heart-stirring music, multi-dimensional guided visualizations, the incomparable laughter that comes with getting God's jokes, and good ole shikantaza, "just sitting," we will encounter the omnipresent reality of Timeless Truth.
Contribution $1350*

November 22 - 28, 2014 ~ Thanksgiving (7 Days)
Gratitude and Goodness

We should all be grateful for gratitude, and for the goodness of the Absolute Intelligence for giving us exactly what we need for our growth, even when we do not recognize it as a manifestation of goodness. We should even have gratitude for our lack of gratitude, and that of others, since it shows us where we are blind to the infinite beauty and goodness that are concealed by our limited perspectives. In this retreat, we will go beyond all limits in our recognition of the inner call to gratitude and of the inner divine goodness of our own nature.
Contribution $1350*

December 27, 2014 - January 2, 2015 ~ New Year's (7 Days)
Planetary Rebirth

Many people are confused by the growing chaos on our planet. Once we understand all the radical changes as part of a cosmic process of rebirth, we can ride the wave with joy and full acceptance, and be part of that which is being reborn, and give the blessing of peace to all that which has reached its time to die. By realizing that in you which is unborn and indestructible, you will become fearless and filled with wise compassion.
Contribution $1350*

*Note, this price is for international visitors. Local residents and community members may inquire about prices.

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