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Kalpa Tree Planted at “La Colina”: A Call to Action in Non-Action

February 13, 2012

“We yogis are the keepers of the spiritual flame.  And it is our function to keep that flame alight, and now to let it burst into a great bonfire of Love, of Divine Bliss, that will enable a new world to be born,” declared Shunyamurti to a room full of various kinds of yoga instructors from all parts of Costa Rica at a recent get-together in Orotina. His talk, a lightning bolt of gyana about the true nature of yoga, was the keynote event in a day-long gathering hosted by ASO Yoga, a growing group of yoga teachers who are dedicated to bringing yoga to all.

The wisdom transmitted through Shunyamurti that day was a call to all of us (yoga teacher or not) to responsibly embrace the impending global and psycho-spiritual changes with love and courage. It was a call to return to a non-egoic state of eternal bliss for the salvation of our sacred planet. Shunyamurti eloquently explained, “Yoga teachers [at this moment] are meant to be guides into Sat Yuga, nothing less.  But first you must guide yourself there.  The kingdom of heaven is within.  It is Brahman, it is Shiva… you are That.  Be it.  Dissolve the ego obstructions and reach liberation in life.  Then you are a true yogi.”

This special event was held in the beautiful tropical gazebo of ‘Yoga La Colina’, a yoga and meditation center, recently opened by Vanessa Cavellini. In the open-air studio, overlooking the lovely surrounding landscape of Orotina, an enthusiastic group of yoga teachers and practitioners joined to offer support of ASO Yoga’s mission of bringing yoga to diverse Costa Rican populations (at risk youth, pregnant women, children with cancer, etc.). The event also functioned to synergize the collective energies of local yogis towards a common aim of a rise in consciousness.  Purusha commented, “Our trip to ‘La Colina’ was immensely inspiring. It was wonderful to see so many people whose lives are dedicated to yoga. There was a joyous confluence of myriad playful energies, all merging together to create a unique blend; a divine atmosphere of friendship and love.”

In a day largely devoted to the active practice of asanas and the planning of social service projects, the talk given by Shunyamurti brought the focus back to the essential goal of yoga: living in a state of bliss, united with the one true Self.  “[His] teaching at the ASO yoga event went to the heart of yoga,” remarked Amrita. “The wisdom imparted by Sat Yoga’s spiritual guide enlightened listeners about the history of yoga and the essential nature of the yogic vows, the yamas and niyamas.”

As Yogiraj explained, “Shunyamurti gave a comprehensive yet concise record of yoga in which one was able to realize that yoga is not just a physical practice, but rather a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, which permeates, and in fact is, our existence.”

Many were deeply impacted by Shunyamurti’s compelling words and radiant presence.  “The most mind-blowing event for me (literally) was Shunyamurti’s talk. It is was both humbling and gratifying to hear the entire history of yoga summed up in under an hour! In the meditation that followed, we had the chance to let all of the gyana received and shakti raised throughout the day penetrate into to the depths of our Being. I bow in gratitude to everyone—every manifestation of the One—involved. I left feeling as though I had directly participated in the Sermon on the Mount!” expressed Purusha about his experience.

The loving wisdom and shakti of the Sat Yoga Institute’s founder and spiritual guide added a level of power, depth, and urgency to the ASO Yoga gathering that will certainly be a catalyst for the transformation of many who were present. Satananda summarized the event accurately when he stated, “It was beautiful to share with our fellow yoga teachers from Asoyoga the great value of spiritual community and commitment. Shunyamurti imparted with great compassion the vitalness of taking the traditional spiritual vows, known in Yoga as the Yamas and Niyamas, in service of benevolence, truth, and divine love.”

He added that “Shunyamurti reminded us that the path of a yogi is one of blissful discipline, of higher love and law, and of achieving ultimate perfection and union with the Divine. This is the meaning of Yoga.”

Satananda offered a blessing as well: “May all our fellow yogis of Asoyoga truly achieve this Imperative. Thank you, Shunyamurti, for your tireless service and selflessness.”

Below you will find a video of the teaching that Shunyamurti’s gave during the Asoyoga event (click here for the video link):

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