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“Here Comes the Sun” Retreat Ushers in Solar Age: Brings Radiance of Invincible Sun of the Absolute

January 17, 2012

Sat Yoga 2012 Here Comes the Sun Retreat

The Solar Age is upon us. The Sun, once obscured by clouds of illusion, the bad faith of our egoic malfeasance, again shines unperturbed in Her resplendent glory and heralds the return of Her Son, Their Song again to be sung. Have you heard? It has already begun.

The Sat Yoga New Year’s retreat, “2012: Here Comes the Sun,” which began on December 28, 2011, reminded everyone of the immensity of the change that is rapidly approaching, in both its solemnity and its splendor. It delivered a dharmic dose of the Real into the ego’s false imaginary existence. It provided strength, courage, and love; safety and exposure. It pushed the limits and yet steadied the course. All the opposites intermingled, producing anxiety, ecstasy—and integration; all the power needed for the ultimate peregrination: from egoic enslavement to Liberation.

The sacred ashram at Arunachala was filled with joy as retreatants arrived, largely unaware of the profundity of the inward journey that they were about to embark upon. Some were literally shaking from the electrifying shakti that filled the ashram’s atmosphere. Others marveled at the bounty, the biodiversity, and the sheer beauty of the surrounding environment. But all felt immediately at home in the warmth of the Sat Yoga family.

After settling in, the group was oriented by Saraswati, who explained the form that the retreat would take as well as the ashram guidelines. Afterward, participants were able to meet and greet one another over tea and prepare themselves for the evening activities. That evening, everyone convened for the first group meditation. Shunyamurti welcomed everyone and encouraged them to consider Arunachala their home: “A home of peace; a home of divine love; a home for beings who have dedicated themselves to transcending the ego and its illusions and sufferings and dead-ends in order to live for the highest purpose: to help restore peace and love and beauty to our planet and to achieve the Supreme Liberation.”

The week was filled with magic, wonder, wisdom, love, sharing, exploration (both inner and outer), as well as the joy and vibrancy of communal life. Various retreatants reflected on their experiences at Arunachala:

“I know that it’s a cliché to say that it was a ‘life-changing’ retreat, but I really feel that something inside me has changed in a subtle and yet profound way. I can’t put into words what it is inside me that has changed, but I do have an intuitive knowing that this retreat has triggered a great shift, and I look forward to see how it will unfold in my life,” Carolina reflected.

Saraswati remarked, “The significance of 2012 is something that cannot be expressed or understood in mere discourse: scientific, political, spiritual, or otherwise. The meaning is of such overwhelming power and subtlety, that it simply will not be grasped in full by the mundane ego—or even the more refined and ripened soul. What is needed is a complete, even if momentary, dissolution of the lower forms of thinking and identifying, so that the voice of the Self, and the realization of the Truth, can be received and taken into the Heart. Releasing the defenses of the ego enough to tap into the veiled cosmic energy and intelligence often requires the conditions of a true sacred retreat. This past Sat Yoga retreat, like any other I have been on, featured the perfect components of shakti infused wisdom blows (delivered with gentleness and humor!), giant silent spaces for meditation and contemplation (over a cup of spicy sweet chai…), community support and truthful reflection of shadow aspects of the self (best medicine for quick purification), awe inspiring nature creations out every door and window (visible even to closed eyes through birdsong), and defense-dissolving yet unconditionally-loving drishti from Shunyamurti (the most potent of all ego dismantling drugs) to ignite the dissolution of soul-stifling defenses. A dip into this pool of radiant transformative reality has ignited a 2012 awakening in me.”

“Each retreat deepens my experience and this one had a grounding effect on me. I was at total peace and solitude during the entire stay; this effect has carried over and I’m still within that capsule of peace from Arunachala. The teachings were profound, timely and clear, there was much to digest and absorb from the teachings as well as the beautiful environment. From a deep state of gratitude, I want to thank Shunyamurti for his tireless efforts and the service of the karma yogis and the community at large for making the retreat a timeless experience,” bowed Barrie in reverence.

“It is a great experience to be embraced in a community that focuses on Divine Love.  Life becomes alive and we are part of it!” exclaimed Heather in joy.

“No puedo volver a ser la misma persona después del retiro. Fue una experiencia maravillosa, la meditación, las clases y el contacto con la tierra. El dolor de la lucha con el ego se hace cada día más doloroso. Pero con la meditación y el amor Divino lograré vencer. Gracias (I cannot return to being the same person that I was before this retreat. It was a wonderful experience: the meditation, the classes, the connection with the earth. The pain of the struggle against the ego becomes more painful every day. But with meditation and Divine Love, I will conquer it. Thank you.),” resolved José María.

“The Sat Yoga retreat, nestled in a heavenly location in Costa Rica, infused with Life Energy, is a gathering of beings dedicated to sharing the connectedness of all Life through the Oneness of Love. In this peaceful, supportive environment, one is free to explore and deepen his or her inner journey. I felt revitalized, knowing I was part of a Spiritual family. If you feel the urging of your soul to visit Sat Yoga, trust. All are welcome. Expand the Light,” declared Heidi.

Eric confessed, “I continue to be amazed by the teachings and dedication of the community offered at Sat Yoga retreats. It is felt in all aspects of daily life at the ashram—even in the simplest tasks. Whether it is the mindful act of drying a dinner plate or the most breathtaking sunset meditation, a space is always created with unlimited possibilities at Arunachala. It is felt from the moment you enter the gates and with every step on that sacred land. It is like an unexplainable energy that radiates inwardly; always pointing as a reminder to what is Real, what is Truth, who I am.”

“The silence I found at Arunachala gave me the message that everything is OK; you always have been Bliss. The perseverance and discipline of the karma yogis showed me how to dissolve the mind when we are in a conscious state. The continuity of the meditation process proved to me that it is possible to dissolve any pain and to find this blissful state that is me,” reflected Julio Cesar.

“This retreat became the womb where the divine seed within my heart has been truly fertilized by the Presence of God. I thank Shunyamurti for his endless, compassionate, and powerful wisdom. I also thank the community for organizing such a sacred gathering. May many other beings have the opportunity to abide in such a life-transforming environment,” offered Satananda.

Among the penetrating wisdom teachings, the divine shakti, the blissful meditations, and the safe space provided by the community, the retreat prepared everyone for the trials, tribulations—and unimaginable growth—that every spiritual seeker will face in the coming year.

Shunyamurti offered a final benediction: “May you give your consciousness and the collective consciousness of our sacred planet the ultimate gift of reunion with the Source, the Almighty One, Who is the fount of all miracles. May you surrender your mind and heart to the Supreme Self, here and now, in this auspicious moment. In that way, this year of 2012 will unfold truly as the dawn of the new Solar Age. You are the Sun who must now rise.”

Here Comes the Sun
We are all One, Om Tat Sat,
It’s all bright

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