Sat Yoga Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is an Ashram?

    An ashram is the intentional creation of a sacred space in which the ego is transcended. An ashram is a place for the practice of yoga—union with God. It is both a community and a lifestyle of contemplative freedom.

    The Sat Yoga Ashram is situated on a large parcel of beautiful rural land for the building of our sacred monastery, spiritual retreat center, and sustainable permaculture and eco-village community, located in the surroundings of the ethereal and tropical highlands of San Isidro del General, Costa Rica.

  • What is happening on the Sat Yoga Ashram?

    Currently, we are in the process of developing the land and the facilities. For more information, email

  • When will your Ashram open? Is your ashram ready for retreats?

    We are now in the process of building our rural ashram. We do not yet reside there full time. For more information, please refer to our upcoming spiritual retreats.

  • What does it mean to live in an Ashram?

    “To have the opportunity to live in an ashram means that one dwells constantly in the highest possible energy field of the Divine Presence, in the bliss of the Supreme Love. To live in a true ashram—one that is fulfilling its mission of multiplying manifestations of liberated cosmic awareness—is to be empowered to attain the greatest actualization of the infinite potential of Spirit. This kind of opportunity is granted not even once in a lifetime, but once in a whole cycle of lifetimes. It represents the moment of graduation from the wheel of karma." – Shunyamurti

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