Sat Yoga Eco-Village—A Refuge for a Time of Transition


Sat Yoga Village is being developed as a planned, intentional community of people who wish to live near an ashram—a meditation and spiritual retreat center—and participate in the vibrancy of its spiritual and cultural richness, but not be fully immersed in the absolute simplicity and purity of an ashramite's lifestyle. Sat Yoga Village is part of the Sat Yoga Ashram community, and yet separate.

Sat Yoga Village is open to single people, married couples, including those with children and pets, and retirees. The land on which the village is sited is large enough for people to choose to live in any one of a variety of housing clusters, including mixed neighborhoods (families, singles, and retirees together), or in barrios set aside for certain kinds of lifestyles, or in solitude. Most villagers will live there yearlong, except for vacations they decide to take; others may spend only a few months or less there per year.

Some villagers will be done with their working career, and will enjoy spending their time gardening, meditating, and participating in the many ashram activities, such as music, art, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, birdwatching, beekeeping, cooking classes, reading books from the ashram's large library, or engaging in many other social activities there.

Other villagers may operate businesses from their homes, or participate in enterprises developed by and in Sat Yoga Village itself.

The eco-village may expand in population in the future, but we are pledged to remain always in sync with the best practices of ecological management. We intend to be off the electric grid very soon and functioning completely with hydro-electric power produced on village property. We intend to produce bio-diesel fuel as well, and to be self-sustaining in food production in the event of worst-case scenarios occurring, in terms of global financial breakdown and the end of cheap oil. Our village is situated very favorably in terms of climate change. We have unlimited supplies of clean drinking water, and because of our seismically stable ground, our medium high altitude, and our location in the rural outback a half hour away from the coast, we need not be concerned about tsunamis, mosquitoes, or numerous problems that are threats to other locales. Costa Rica is democratic, politically stable, and demilitarized. The biodiversity is enormous here and it is one of the healthiest ecological niches in the world.


Sat Yoga Village is a community of down-to-earth spiritual seekers. People here are not users of alcohol or tobacco. We are a learning community and a transformational community. If you find our philosophy congenial, please come and visit. We think you will find this a unique community of generous, creative, open-minded souls. We intend to survive the transition that our planet is now going through. If you feel called to join a refuge like this one in the near future, please get in touch with us. We recommend that you attend a retreat here and get to know us and the property first hand before you make a decision. There is an admission process to make sure you are a good fit, and that you will feel at home in this community. We would like to attract more professionals to come live here—including doctors, dentists, architects, and engineers. We would like to build a clinic, a school, artisan workshops, and other infrastructure to assure our self-sustenance. Homesites are now available, and you can design your own home, or we can offer excellent architectural designs and build it for you.


Global civilization is hanging by a thread. Time is of the essence. We hope you will take advantage of this last window of opportunity to prepare for our planet's unprecedented future—and your own. Life in Sat Yoga Village will be a wonderful adventure!

We invite you to visit Sat Yoga´s Eco-Village website for more information.

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