Building a Prema-Culture Community

Sat Yoga Ashram: An Island of Bliss (San Isidro Del General, Costa Rica)

January 24, 2011

By the hand of Grace, Disciples of Sat Yoga have been granted an opportunity to usher in a new age of Divine community living.

The Sat Yoga ashram community is a place for those who are committed to transformation of the ego resulting in its death and re-formation, through which the love of the Absolute may flow uninterrupted in a dance of seamless unity.

Based on Prema-culture, the culture of Divine Love, members of Sat Yoga gather in daily meditation to absorb in Agape and prepare to become beacons of light for the darkness that envelopes our planet.

In Sat Yogis’ daily lives, the connection to the Supreme Love manifests as radiant poise inherent in the act of selfless giving,

magnified at Sat Yoga gatherings where the blending of a vaster array of individuals into an integrated  whole create a magnificent spread befitted for monarchs.

The irradiation of the soul reverberates in every corner of Sat Yoga community building, such as in Radha’s kitchen where ever more potent doses of love are poured into the culinary feasts culminating Sat Yoga satsang gatherings,

while in creative writing class, feelings rise like butterflies into a bouquet of word-verses, the result of overdosing on the eternal nectar.

…flowers, flowers everywhere

The sound of Love’s laughter;

I adore you Mother-Father-Friend,

For thee I die

As in the Pietá ,

In your lap beheld

For return to Life…

The mariposa (the Spanish word for butterfly) comes from the phrase Santa Maria posa or Saint Mary lands. Michaelangelo’s masterpiece, the Pietá, depicts Mary as the eternal youthful beauty of unconditional Love radiating from  a state of liberation through the death of the ego. Eternal freedom, beauty, and love are qualities attributed to the mariposa and to all those who transform into human butterflies.

Flowers are lovingly arranged in the meditation hall to celebrate Shunyamurti’s teachings, that like the butterfly point to the undying Spirit.

Guests of Sat Yoga arrive from home and abroad and are delivered into the presence of wisdom, love and energy from a living sage whose wisdom-message of hope and peace sheds light on the heart.

The return path to Spirit is filled with awe and mystery reflected in daylight’s Divine Dream,

and in the fullness of the night skies.

Genuine ashram life is the ultimate melting pot that unites not only the human race, but all of nature´s extended family, including subtler forms of existence.


For the Sat Yoga sangha, resident orbs at Arunachala are a stirring addition to the communal pot.

*Orb-shram is a term taken from Shunyamurti´s teachings.

Divine Attraction

Purification by love attracts refined forms of existence unseen through the filters of the ego’s opaque closed heartedness, yet easily captured through the crystalline lenses of digital cameras.

Being intoxicated on Divine love is a well-noted state of consciousness observed by saints throughout the ages. Sufi saint-poets such as Rabia, Rumi, and Hafiz have experienced and written about the bliss of Divine drunkeness.  In this Divine State of spiritual inebriation, subtle entities before not sensed come to be noticed, messenger-aids God sends to guide us back to the Light and to the Bliss of our Origin.

Light beings of many kinds are observed at the Sat Yoga ashram in Arunachala, Costa Rica — from ethereal orbs to possible UFO sightings.

While Wisdom-teachings rivet the mind-heart, orbs tantalize our senses, raise emotions to awe and aid in the human flowering of divine expression.

In regard to the nature of orbs, many answers are given. Some view them as beings of subtler divine manifestation, often referred to as angels, or nature entities,

Orbs Phenomena

while others prefer a more rationalist, modern scientific approach that tends to dismiss orbs as water droplets reflecting off camera lenses or some other type of causal phenomenal occurrence.

These latter hearts and minds tend to be unaware of the humbling majesty and exultation of spirit these images ignite in the former…

For seekers of Truth, the mystery of the orbs often aid consciousness to pierce through the veils of illusion and enter into the realm of the miraculous.

For those, orbs are often regarded as a version of Hermes, messenger-guides sent by the Absolute to assist the passing of souls from the phenomenal world into the Light realm. They gather at Arunachala as honor guards and guiding aids for today´s Arjunas of the Bhagavad Gita in the Divine Play.

With each trip to the ashram, the intensity of orb radiance increases, seemingly reflecting the sangha´s rising in consciousness. Harmony is the pitch of the gods, and man’s level of consciousness is the score that draws the gods to join in Earth’s chorus. The quality of each note is measured by the sangha´s liteness and the depth of its love. Dare we realize the connection between ourselves and the seemingly invisible, yet undeniably powerful radiance of the orbs…

Wandering blindly, we cease to see the wonder of all around us and the sacred majesty of Gaia. The Divine light-show staged for gods is out of bounds for earthly souls with ground-fixed gazes that observe no more than pinpricks of the Grand Tapestry.

It is time to open the eyes of the heart, to see light bursting forth where before there was darkness, observing ever deeper, drawing further and further inward, until the Source of Creation is reached. With such openness of sight, all sense of separation vanishes.  The ego lifts as smoke from a pyre on the Ganges, while the soul that witnesses the event from the river’s shore is now free to return to Spirit, liberated from the chains of bodily identity. All suffering is over.

Orbs create a magnificent welcome parade at the Sat Yoga ashram. Through the Vishnu gate, hordes flood in to greet the arrival of Sat Yoga’s future disciples and encourage them on the path of Liberation.

By the simple act of mankind’s ascent in consciousness, Generosity of Spirit inherent in the Godseed takes flight. The Garden of Eden returns:

the skies turn wild in joy and the angels sing.

Orbs are delicate beautiful creatures. They tend to consort with like-minded spirits, such as orchids,

the nighttime jasmine,

and the vibrant forests .

Saint Thomas Aquinas defined God as a hyper-dimensional sphere whose circumference is nowhere, and whose center is everywhere. Costa Rican Pre-Columbian spheres, the shape of a cell, a spider web, the orb, and man’s fingerprint are but a few examples of spherical shapes that point mankind to the all-encompassing Source of existence.

Indras´ Net

The Buddhist myth of Indra’s Net provides a poignant allegory to the sameness of apparently different life forms that precipitated out of the One. According to this Mahayana Buddhist Sutra, the net starts out in Indra’s  heavenly palace and extends infinitely in all directions. At the nodes of the net, individual threads cross, blending duality until singularity occurs; creating a perfectly unique gem reflecting all the other gems in the net. As individual gems reflect and contain all others, they affect every entity in the universe.

In the same way that the individual threads of Indra’s net bind the gems to the cosmic web, the collective consciousness becomes body-bound by misidentifying itself with the individual organism instead of the Whole it reflects. Raising consciousness’ identification from the separate thread to that of the node requires a 90 degree angle of ascension.  From that higher psychic –spiritual location, the interconnection of all returns to the Source. Consciousness then proceeds toward Emptiness. In the boundless Womb that contains the Fullness the synchronized dance of the Cosmos that includes orbs and all other beings as manifestations of the One is realized.

Orbs can also be regarded as reflections of God’s qualities: beauty, purity, benevolence, the good, the loving, and joy-full Self…

Orb Salt Cathedral

At the time we first became aware of the orbs at Arunachala, a sangha member was traveling in Columbia and visiting the underground Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá outside of Bogotá.  Unseen by the eye, and yet captured by the lens of a camera, were luminous orbs gathered in the most sacred part of the cathedral. On the cross surrounded by orbs a heart shows through in symbolic form as a sign to those who have chosen to see and listen: the way to Liberation is through Love.

Beyond the confines of time and space, in the Heart-cave of Divine Love, rests the archetypal wisdom. The meaning that orbs expound is consistent, whether found in the sacred caves of a Colombian salt mine or at the Sat Yoga Ashram in Arunachala, Costa  Rica. From the death of the ego symbolized by the cross, unconditional Love rises to become the fuel that propels transcendence. Orbs arrive to aid in the project of human liberation, while at the same time they feed from the Love that exudes from the human process of Salvation.

Tumultuous times  signs our skies. To the often posed question as what awaits us at this nearing end-phase of the cosmic cycle Shunyamurti answers that the powerful changes shortly to come, and that for many have already arrived, will affect individuals differently, depending on the preparation of each soul and its resonant location on the net of Indra.

Those who realize that the oncoming world changes are part of the new birth of unified consciousness and are prepared, says Shunyamurti, will fare well in comparison to others who cleave to their identification as separate, body-identified, mortal individuals.

Arunachala Noah’s Ark

At Arunachala, the Sat Yoga spiritual community builds a Noah´s Ark to weather the oncoming flood. To these efforts, the forces of nature respond. The gathering of orbs on the ashram land resonate to the energy being transmitted by the sangha.  In turn, the noticeable presence of orbs serves to propel the will of the yogis towards transformation and transcendence of the earthly plane into higher dimensions of reality.

Much like milkweed seeds that are carried from the pod of the mother-plant by silken, feather-light, traveling facilitators and returned to earth to take root, beautifying the world and feeding the next generation of Monarch caterpillars, those individuals who choose to die to their biological ties and be carried into the light-world can choose to return to this earth. They become the avatars who assist in birthing into existence a more beautiful and nurturing world.

Roble Negro Sacred Tree

Hundreds of life forms are vanishing every day around the planet. Many others are in danger of  extinction. At the Sat Yoga ashram  great efforts are being made to save remaining traces of endangered trees, plants and animal species. Seeds of the preciously rare oak, Roble Negro, are beginning to germinate in the ashram’s greenhouse.

The work to save the great Black Oak from extinction parallels yogic efforts to save the soul from extinction and rise to Spirit. Sat Yoga psycho-spiritual technology was developed to activate the godseed which lays dormant within every soul.  The work of recuperating the God seed begins within each person, as well as throughout karma yoga projects. Karma yoga transforms ego based service, which always expects something in return, into selfless giving that is in resonance with the Cosmic Flow.

Sat Yogis preparing to be disciples are like budding flowers growing into their full potential as selfless giving blooms.  Through assimilation of higher rays of knowledge  and the sacrifice of the ego’ s rigid and limited understandings, Sat Yogis are cultivated into becoming givers instead of takers. Like a flower to a bee, the love pouring out from a purified center nourishes visiting others.  This newly self-found potency from the yogic sattvic state of consciousness can then be used to pollinate other budding souls into fruition.

Psycho-spiritual transformative work often takes time to root and manifest visibly, much like the formation of a permaculture food forest.  Usually much time and work is dedicated to revitalization of the seed at the substrata level before activation begins to be noticed on the surface.  The fruits of the initial labors become manifest and a new fountain of spiritual nourishment is made available to all who choose to partake in the gift.

Many are invited to participate in the rise of the New Dawn. The Sat Yoga spiritual community at Arunachala, Costa Rica is one of a growing number of centers whose members hear the Divine Call and answer to it.

Classes and seminars on meditation and gyana yoga, the yoga of higher knowledge, as well as individual inner work prepare Sat Yoga students to live in Divine egoless community, a requirement for the creation of a true ashram and the passing into the new Sat Yuga.

Participation in Sat Yoga satsangs, which are traditional gatherings for the purpose of raising conscious through meditation and earnest interchange regarding the union with the True Self, is rapidly growing. Many friends are arriving to join in the transformational process offered at the Sat Yoga Institute under the loving, wise, radiant vibrations of patron sages such as Sri Ramana Maharshi and

those of our living teacher, Swami Shunyamurti.

Old souls manifesting in the young are increasingly called to the Sat Yoga Institute,

as are those of the young at heart in the eternal,

and the more inconspicuous light-forms…

In Arunachala sits a glorious manifestation of God’s Lila.

In its holding embrace, the Sat Yoga ashram grows from Love , Wisdom and the understated work of actants that labor behind the scenes.

Anandamayi Ma Orb-Shram

The Sat Yoga Ashram is an Orb-shram*:

Ethereal peace,

Beauty and light

Pointing to the Origen,

Womb from which all Creation derives

And to which all is summoned.

“All is He,” Anandamayi Ma

Reminds those who´ve forgotten

The Source of existence.

From the grossest to the most subtle

Signs He beams

To guide us back

Through a path of awe and magic.

Love for the Self swells

As the lens of the heart shut-opens.

Fear of what, if all is Love manifesting,

Dance, joy, play, sing, orb-it,

Celebration for royalty of celestial lineage.

The ashram is an Orb-shram

where Mahatmas come

To re-member, dissolve

And be guided

To the Om-Origin,

Becoming once more

Carriers of the Godseed

Returning planet-wide

And into to the spheres.

May we cleave to the Divine Force for the bringing in of the New Dawn… Prema for all,

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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