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Doing vs. Not Doing vs. Non-Doing

Questioner: I have come across some teachers who say that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to be awakened, as any effort will create more duality.

They say no practice is needed. I was wondering if you agree with any part of their teachings.

Shunyamurti's Reply:
It is true that Awakening requires no doing, but it does require non-doing. And it takes a lot of practice to master non-doing (which includes non-thinking). This meditation practice is what creates the realization--rather than a mere belief or ideology--that all effort occurs within the realm of duality. But the observer who has that realization is already a center of consciousness transcendent of the ego that is making efforts. So long as there is an ego, it is essential to train that ego-consciousness toward greater refinement and purification, and ultimately to internalize the desire for desirelessness. At the final stage of that process of attaining dispassion, it becomes true that no practice is needed. That is the context in which to view the part of their teachings that are in accord with Sat Yoga. So for those who enter the path at that level of spiritual maturity, those teachings you mention are appropriate.
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