Monday, 09 July 2012 10:20

Remaining in Peace

Questioner: I grew up in a Christian family environment and lived a relatively peaceful and pure childhood. I am now 25 years old and for the past three years I have been meditating and learning a lot about how to live a spiritual life. With meditation and chanting, I feel like I can temporarily regain the carefree feelings I had as a child, but when I spend a day without meditation it seems like I go right back to being confused and suffering. With how complicated life is becoming for everyone, is it possible for anyone to keep a pure mind or is it necessary to continue through life and always find time out of the day to be still?

Shunyamurti's Reply: Once you realize that stillness is your true nature, and not merely a temporary state produced by meditation, you can stay in that deep pure consciousness throughout the day without interruption, and without effort. All blessings.


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