To understand the true significance of the extraordinary world events that are unfolding around us, we must activate what Sat Yogis call our buddhi, our capacity for multidimensional integrative intelligence. When we do that, we become buddhas. Buddhas have access to the omniscient wisdom of the Akashic dimension and its unlimited storehouse of information. We need that information now, and thus we need to realize our buddha-nature, if we are to navigate accurately through these apocalyptic times.

Yoga is the original science of consciousness. It was far ahead of our current materialist pseudo-science of consciousness, the one that is looking futilely at our neurons and synapses to find the meaning and source of consciousness. Modern science is a joke when it comes to consciousness. And since everything eventually comes to consciousness, modern sciences, other than physics, are of little help to us. The scientistic mindset remains determined to deny teleology, God, and the Akashic records (or the Alaya-Vigyana in Buddhist terminology), or any other concept that would enable us to grok the fact that we are caught in a spacetime vortex that is bringing a rapid end to the world as we have known it and hurling us into a new phase and level of existence. Since the velocity of the vortex is accelerating at a mind-boggling rate, we must activate our buddhi now, while it is still possible to do so, to have an influence on the outcome of this trans-cosmic event, so that we can arrange to get spit out into a new world that is worth living in. Few of us realize the real nature of our power to influence events. This is also a result of our indoctrination into a materialist culture that is clueless regarding consciousness. So the study of the original science of consciousness, sat yoga, is essential.

By the way, the term yoga has been degraded in these end times of kali yuga to refer to a form of physical exercise. None of what currently goes under the name of yoga, which focuses on asanas and pranayamas (stretching and balance poses plus breathing techniques) was part of the original yogic science. The original form of yoga focused on the development and use of our capacity of attention in order to discover the ground of Being, referred to in Sanskrit as Sat. Once consciousness merges in Sat (which is also another name for God-consciousness), many other powers, or siddhis, can be attained. These correspond to the same attributes that physicists have discovered to function at the quantum level of reality, such as interconnectivity, the capacity to be in more than one place at a time, to convert from particle to wave form, the capacity to transcend time, and to perceive the dimension of eternity that permeates time (realizing the unity of samsara and nirvana, as the later Buddhist yogis would put it), and so on.

The immersion in Sat, a state known as Samadhi, is the goal of authentic yoga. This achievement of Sat-mind comes with the side-benefits of chit and ananda (divine intelligence and the bliss of infinite love). So it is worth the effort to become a Sat Yogi, since it is the key to happiness, wisdom, and ultimate redemption. By the way, all the current religions began as schools of Sat Yoga, but gradually, as these schools became politically powerful, they were infiltrated and co-opted by human egos with lower agendas, and eventually they were reduced to the condition of fossils, caricatures of their original form, and dogmatized into media of social control.

After the above excursus, let us return to our main topic. To re-establish the science of consciousness for the postmodern mind, which has been reduced to a condition of attention deficit disorder and thus cannot practice Sat Yoga effectively, we can still awaken and activate the buddhi by examining two well-known phenomena that have been conclusively established as real—even though mainstream scientists largely steer clear of both, fearing punishment by the inquisitors of the scientific establishment.

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