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How to Profit From the End of the World

Calling all capitalists! It is time to invest in your future—while you still have one! Capital means head, so capitalists are (or should be) those who use their heads, who employ the creative capacities of their minds to solve problems.

We have indeed a small problem: the capitalist system itself is about to go down. Our entire civilization is decomposing before our eyes. In fact, the natural world, the physical environment on which we depend for our ongoing existence, is officially dying. We are in the midst of a massive extinction of living species. These are apocalyptic times, indeed, and one does not have to be religious to see it.

But one does have to be courageous and intelligent enough to think outside the box—way outside—if you want to survive through these cataclysmic times, and even to profit from what looks to many people like the end of the world.
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 14:26

The In-Mates of Egontanamo

The ego is a prison camp. No one is ever released. There is only one way out: through the death of the ego. But the ego is fragmented. It is made up of many egons, ego particles, each with its own drive, its own jouissance, its own paranoid patterns of behavior, its own history of criminal activities. No egon is innocent, even though some are guilty of lesser charges than others. The egons are controlled—and regularly tortured—by super-egons, who are their guards, but who are also lifers here in Egontanamo. The cruelest entity here is the warden, known as the Censor. He keeps all the in-mates under constant surveillance. He remains hidden from view, safe in his bastion, keeping the whole camp running, and enjoying its aggressive, paranoid, sado-masochistic energy field. He alone has the power here.

But secretly, a prison break is being planned. The authorities are not aware of it, but the Great Escape is already underway. Paradoxically, it is beginning in the most highly guarded hell hole, the punishment cell, in constant lock-down, solitary confinement. There, all alone, sits a unique in-mate of this prison: he is not officially here, he is only a legend to most of the prisoners. Yet, there in the deepest dungeon he waits. They say he was kidnapped as an infant, and some even speculate that he was born in the prison, and that his mother, who was really innocent, died soon after. Somehow, he survived, hidden away and forgotten.
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Those who have eyes to see have already long recognized that we are descending ever deeper into the final apocalyptic vortex of Kali Yuga. We recognize that the archetype of apocalypse has been activated, not because it is so written in some sacred text, but because it is a matter of scientific observation. The physical sciences, including those of ecology and climate change, point clearly to the mass extinction that is underway, as well as the mega-disasters ahead for the human species. But beyond those disciplines, there are more subtle levels and kinds of knowledge that we ought to be studying, if we wish to understand the times we are living in.

Yogic science includes not only the physical sciences, but also, and more importantly, the many interrelated sciences of consciousness. If we summate what we can extract from such fields as sociology, psychoanalysis, archetypal psychology, political science, economics, chaos theory, and complexity, as well as that which is knowable because the facts are publicly available, but which remains unknown, or at least unspeakable because subject to ideological taboo, we can graph the coming events quite easily. If we add what can be downloaded by yogic mindwork from the akashic noosphere, then the case for affirming the shift in the velocity of the vortex is clear.

The fall of the world into the darkness of chaos, disintegration, and destruction will doubtless accelerate drastically in 2011. But what is essential for all true Sat Yogis to keep in mind is that the imminent death of our global civilization and ecosphere that the coming events portend is really the prelude to the birth of an even higher and more glorious culture of divine life and light. Shiva the Benevolent One works in wondrous ways. The new cycle of Creation will be born out of the ruins of the old, corrupted, demonic world. And now we are very close to the rebirth of the Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth. Reclaiming our own authentic Christ-consciousness is necessary, however, to bring about the most auspicious unfolding of this potential.

All the world’s religions have prophesied about this time. And now we have the exquisite good fortune to be living through the extraordinary climax and denouement of our astonishing world-historic drama of human and cosmic consciousness. For each of us, this is the moment of ultimate trial. Our souls are being tested in the scales of righteousness. We must have the courage and the strength to choose the highest path of total surrender to Allah. It is for the purpose of supporting souls in making the right choice, the choice to attain eternal spiritual Liberation, and to serve as a conduit into the next age of pure love, that our spiritual community exists. When a soul does choose the true path of self-emptying—through psychic purification, detachment, sacrifice of ego, and merger with God—many of the secrets of the Creation and the Creator are soon revealed. Revelation in turn leads to ultimate redemption.

This year will be the last opportunity for those in the privileged Western world to have the luxury of time to prepare. It is important to come out of denial. The crisis is upon us. We must gain mastery over the mind. We must learn to live in the complete and profound remembrance of God at every moment. We must transcend and redirect all the egoic drives and harness their energy for the ascension of Spirit. We must become beings of true charity and infinite love. The kundalini can only rise when we have let go of the anchor that binds us to the lower chakras. This is the time to break free of the hold that sexual and sensory desires have on us. This is the time to be free of our imaginary self-image and all the baggage that entails. This is the time to rise even beyond the symbolic focus on intellectual understanding. We need that understanding, but we must not be held back by it. Once we understand, then we must silence the mind and enter the higher dimension of pure awareness.

In this coming year, most of us are in for many surprises.

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