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Questioner: [Referring to this video] What latent powers do you speak of? The siddhis that are written about are few in number. Thank you Master!

Sunday, 02 September 2012 11:32

Behind the Iron Kirtan

Kirtan is devotional music in the form of call-and-response. When there is a positive rapport between the solo vocalist and the responsive sangha, great heights of sublime feeling can be reached. But this audible kirtan is only a metaphor for the golden kirtan that is the call and response that occurs between God and the soul during deep samadhi.

There is also another kind of kirtan, the demonic call and response between the superego and the ego, that goes on almost constantly in the mind of an unenlightened individual. It is this sort of iron kirtan that creates an iron curtain that drops over one’s consciousness and produces a dark night of the soul.

Go behind the iron kirtan of the ego/superego duet and attain the stillness of perfect presence. Go to that pristine awareness that is prior to the capacity for suffering. The call of the Supreme, in the form of infinite light, is met and encompassed by the Emptiness of pure Being.
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Sunday, 09 October 2011 13:42

The Power of Art

The artist is a shaman. The artist’s role, especially in the West, has always been to alter the state of consciousness of the viewer, and to force the big Other, the capital “O” Other, the collective superego, to face its own shadow—as well as to face the super-consciousness, the One that is beyond the Other, that it denies.

The collective superego denies that there is any power greater than itself. That is why powerful nations, identifying with the big Other, can appropriate the right to invade smaller countries or otherwise determine the destiny of our planet. But this hubris, whether played out on the scene of international politics or within a family system or even within a single individual mind, can never be successful.

The power of karma will eventually restore justice and balance to the world. One of the most potent instruments of that power is the artist. The artist reveals the higher Truth to an arrogant establishment that claims hegemony over the world. And it is that revelation that then moves the conscience of the world toward reconciliation of the great powers with the greatest Power of all. This archetypal battle of vision between the artist and the political establishment has created much of the tension that has formed the trajectory of history. In this context, even religions can be considered as works of art. Religions begin as visions of Truth, and become refuges within which the arts can flourish. But the religious establishments soon become battlegrounds themselves, being appropriated in time by the big Other, and the artist is soon cast out once again into exile.

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Monday, 07 February 2011 18:32

Further Reflections on Psychotic Knowledge

(This essay is an effort to respond to comments on the previous essay, “The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge,” and to carry forward the implications of the ideas expressed in that text.)

The line that separates sanity from madness has never been clear. In fact, it is not clear that such a line ever existed. This is because what passes for sanity today is in fact still a kind of madness. Even the psychoanalysts admit that normality is neurosis, a form of mental illness. They also admit that one of the most tenacious forms of psychosis is what they call normotic disease, meaning the insane need to appear normal. What if all normality is really normotic? This underlying insanity of the normal is becoming more evident every day as normal people and societies fail to adapt to reality, fail to respond to the climatic and other changes in our natural and social world that should put us all on red alert. Instead, we are being terrorized by propaganda regarding conspiracies that are themselves delusional. Reality-based discourse has become impossible.
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Those who have eyes to see have already long recognized that we are descending ever deeper into the final apocalyptic vortex of Kali Yuga. We recognize that the archetype of apocalypse has been activated, not because it is so written in some sacred text, but because it is a matter of scientific observation. The physical sciences, including those of ecology and climate change, point clearly to the mass extinction that is underway, as well as the mega-disasters ahead for the human species. But beyond those disciplines, there are more subtle levels and kinds of knowledge that we ought to be studying, if we wish to understand the times we are living in.

Yogic science includes not only the physical sciences, but also, and more importantly, the many interrelated sciences of consciousness. If we summate what we can extract from such fields as sociology, psychoanalysis, archetypal psychology, political science, economics, chaos theory, and complexity, as well as that which is knowable because the facts are publicly available, but which remains unknown, or at least unspeakable because subject to ideological taboo, we can graph the coming events quite easily. If we add what can be downloaded by yogic mindwork from the akashic noosphere, then the case for affirming the shift in the velocity of the vortex is clear.

The fall of the world into the darkness of chaos, disintegration, and destruction will doubtless accelerate drastically in 2011. But what is essential for all true Sat Yogis to keep in mind is that the imminent death of our global civilization and ecosphere that the coming events portend is really the prelude to the birth of an even higher and more glorious culture of divine life and light. Shiva the Benevolent One works in wondrous ways. The new cycle of Creation will be born out of the ruins of the old, corrupted, demonic world. And now we are very close to the rebirth of the Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth. Reclaiming our own authentic Christ-consciousness is necessary, however, to bring about the most auspicious unfolding of this potential.

All the world’s religions have prophesied about this time. And now we have the exquisite good fortune to be living through the extraordinary climax and denouement of our astonishing world-historic drama of human and cosmic consciousness. For each of us, this is the moment of ultimate trial. Our souls are being tested in the scales of righteousness. We must have the courage and the strength to choose the highest path of total surrender to Allah. It is for the purpose of supporting souls in making the right choice, the choice to attain eternal spiritual Liberation, and to serve as a conduit into the next age of pure love, that our spiritual community exists. When a soul does choose the true path of self-emptying—through psychic purification, detachment, sacrifice of ego, and merger with God—many of the secrets of the Creation and the Creator are soon revealed. Revelation in turn leads to ultimate redemption.

This year will be the last opportunity for those in the privileged Western world to have the luxury of time to prepare. It is important to come out of denial. The crisis is upon us. We must gain mastery over the mind. We must learn to live in the complete and profound remembrance of God at every moment. We must transcend and redirect all the egoic drives and harness their energy for the ascension of Spirit. We must become beings of true charity and infinite love. The kundalini can only rise when we have let go of the anchor that binds us to the lower chakras. This is the time to break free of the hold that sexual and sensory desires have on us. This is the time to be free of our imaginary self-image and all the baggage that entails. This is the time to rise even beyond the symbolic focus on intellectual understanding. We need that understanding, but we must not be held back by it. Once we understand, then we must silence the mind and enter the higher dimension of pure awareness.

In this coming year, most of us are in for many surprises.

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