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Regarding The End of the World

Some say this is the end of the world.
But there is no world.

Some say it is the end of the age, the Kali Yuga.
But this age will end only when the ego dies.
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Sunday, 01 January 2012 05:30

Shunyamurti 2012 New Year's Message

All blessings! 2012 is here. This is the year of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, the meeting of the terrestrial and the extra-terrestrial, the earthly and the celestial. The culmination of our pilgrimage to God consciousness, to Self-Realization, must occur this year.

We must learn to simply be, and stop desperately trying to become. But this is the year to realize that we already are that which we seek. And it is the year to shift from the mind into the heart. Most of all, it is the year to rest in the Heart. Simply be in the state of divine love, with a silent mind, in the stillness of transcendent inner peace.

This is the year we must let go of all of our hatred, our anger, confusion, nostalgia, loss and lack, attachment, traumas of the past, fantasies, desires, fears, all of that—just let it go and simply be, be in serenity, in oneness with God.

And most important, maybe most difficult, is to let go of the chatter that invades the mind and keeps one at a mundane level of pettiness and of ego, rather than realizing the infinity of your true being when you are in the boundless openness of pure silent awareness.

So let us empty the mind of futile thoughts and discover who we are when all that wallpaper is removed from our minds. We shall become transparent to the Spirit that has been veiled by the noise and distractions of the egoic illusion.

To do that, we must maintain the mind in what in yoga practice is called eka chintan. Eka is “one;” chintan is “thought.” Stay with only one thought, one intention. No matter what we are doing, there should be only one thought in the mind, of the Almighty One, our Supreme Beingness. This thought will turn into the blissful realization of who I am, it will bring the joy and awe of the divine Presence. But there must be loveful surrender to God in every moment.

If you practice coming back regularly to eka chintan, then very soon you will master the skill of staying constantly in the sublime thought and sweet feeling of eka chintan, throughout the day. And then your meditations will easily enter into the blissful silence of the purest Samadhi. You will feel the grace of God encompass you, and permeate you, and dissolve all illusory separation from our Source, from the beauty and the love and the power of the Supreme Presence, who is invoking us now to return to the supernal light.

The ego is just a cloud over the Sun. But always remember that the Sun is here. Let all the clouds disperse, and allow the rays of the Sun of your Supreme Beingness to shine into your consciousness and illumine the world.

There are no obstacles except your fear of the infinity of your own Being. This is the year to overcome the fear of the Real Self, your fear of Love, the fear of eternity and boundlessness, and traverse the illusion of finitude into the fulfillment of your existence, into the fullness of infinite Being.

May you give your consciousness and the collective consciousness of our sacred planet the ultimate gift of reunion with the Source, the Almighty One, Who is the fount of all miracles. May you surrender your mind and heart to the Supreme Self, here and now, in this auspicious moment.  In that way, this year of 2012 will unfold truly as the dawn of the new Solar Age. You are the Sun who must now rise.



[The above essay is a transcription of Shunyamurti's 2012 New Year's Retreat teaching at Arunachala Costa Rica.]

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Sunday, 20 February 2011 19:42

Education for Year Zero

There is a misguided effort to plan for education in the twenty-first century, as if our dying civilization will last another hundred years. This is an example of whistling past the graveyard. It is unlikely that planetary cultural collapse can be put off past 2013, given the perfect storm of cataclysmic events that is unfolding all around us. We do our children a terrible disservice if we do not prepare them for the death of our current age and the transition to the next one—and to do it with accelerated intensity.
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