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Behind the Iron Kirtan

Kirtan is devotional music in the form of call-and-response. When there is a positive rapport between the solo vocalist and the responsive sangha, great heights of sublime feeling can be reached. But this audible kirtan is only a metaphor for the golden kirtan that is the call and response that occurs between God and the soul during deep samadhi.

There is also another kind of kirtan, the demonic call and response between the superego and the ego, that goes on almost constantly in the mind of an unenlightened individual. It is this sort of iron kirtan that creates an iron curtain that drops over one’s consciousness and produces a dark night of the soul.

Go behind the iron kirtan of the ego/superego duet and attain the stillness of perfect presence. Go to that pristine awareness that is prior to the capacity for suffering. The call of the Supreme, in the form of infinite light, is met and encompassed by the Emptiness of pure Being.

Behind the iron kirtan of the ego mind, with its multiplicity of voices, organized as the attacking call of the judgmental parental superego and the defensive child reactivity, lies the witness who refuses to identify, or participate, in the irony of the iron chords that steal away one’s peace. Melt the steel of the ego’s old bulwarks and bastions, the concrete thinking that imprisons consciousness in the darkness of its rusting residues and tarnished fantasies.

Behind the iron kirtan of the egoic voices lies the symphony of silence of the divine mind, the angelic luminosity and fecund beauty of boundless creativity that thrives in the universe of love that is the Self.

Make use of the audible kirtan in your sadhana, to call with pure devotion, parabhakti, to the Source of Being, for union, salvation, for absolute liberation from all suffering, all trauma, all ignorance and all illusion. The sonic salvoes of supreme surrender of the mind to Brahman will yield the fruit of the sweetest honey-golden kirtan, the nectar of immortal bliss.

Behind the iron kirtan, heaven waits to emerge into the open space of the seeker’s consciousness, when Self-enquiry inaugurates a gap in the discourse of the egoic mind, and opening ever wider the curtain of nescience, the power of Spirit forever dissolves the diaphanon between the phenomenal illusion and the noumenal Real.

Simply respond to the call of God, the urge to transcendence, and meet the Self at the immovable spot that soulful lovers know from endless eternity as the birthplace of all buddhas. Do not be budged from the bhajan of the Buddha-mind. Realizing the uninterrupted beatitude of Being is the divine right of those in yoga with Anuttara, the unsurpassable Shiva, Who is the Self Supreme.

May you sing the golden kirtan of immortal delight, severing all ties with the kali yuga, the iron age of cacophony and chaos, and remain forever focused on summoning the next sat yuga, the heavenly era, into the measureless music of time.


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