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How to Profit From the End of the World

Calling all capitalists! It is time to invest in your future—while you still have one! Capital means head, so capitalists are (or should be) those who use their heads, who employ the creative capacities of their minds to solve problems.

We have indeed a small problem: the capitalist system itself is about to go down. Our entire civilization is decomposing before our eyes. In fact, the natural world, the physical environment on which we depend for our ongoing existence, is officially dying. We are in the midst of a massive extinction of living species. These are apocalyptic times, indeed, and one does not have to be religious to see it.

But one does have to be courageous and intelligent enough to think outside the box—way outside—if you want to survive through these cataclysmic times, and even to profit from what looks to many people like the end of the world.

The key is that looks can be deceiving. Every end is also a new beginning. We can profit from the end of one civilization if we invest in the civilization that is about to replace it. This is how Christianity profited from the end of the Roman Empire. Now, there are even greater profits to be made!

So let us remain clear-headed. In order to invest wisely to ensure our future, and that of our loved ones and our whole species, we must understand what is really happening now, and stay ahead of the curve of unfolding events. If we are not in denial, and not in fantasyland, either, but realistic in the true sense, then many events that would to most people seem unforeseeable, can be easily foreseen and prepared for.

I am going to assume here that I am preaching to the choir, to those who can already read the writing on the wall. Those with eyes to see already know that the global financial system will soon implode. Oil will soon run out, and in any case be too expensive to purchase. Chaos will ensue, civil unrest, general strikes, martial law, increasing terrorist attacks, and a breakdown of all chains of production and distribution of necessities, leading to shortages of food, electricity, and other consumer goods. Medical care will disappear. Plagues and pandemics will break out. War, violence, and anarchy will erase all vestiges of law and order. Cataclysmic geophysical events will also accelerate in their intensity. Tectonic plate instability is increasing, producing more powerful earthquakes and tsunamis. These will cause more meltdowns in many nuclear reactors, all around the world, producing lethal levels of radiation in many parts of the globe. Climate change is bringing more destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, heat waves, sand storms, and every other sort of extraordinary weather event possible. The sea level is rising, which will bring flooding to many great coastal cities, and even inundate whole nations. At the same time, the glaciers are melting, which will lead to water shortages in many regions.

All this is already happening. It is not a pretty picture, but there are bright spots in the darkness. It is in these points of light that hope lies. If we invest in the opportunities for survival and renewal, we may discover that all this is a blessing, and that our planet is being cleansed and prepared for a new civilization based on higher principles of order—the very principles that the great spiritual teachers of all cultures have tried to inculcate in us collectively for the last several thousand years, to no avail. Now is the time to get the message, and to act on it.

The message is simple: Create a community, a community based on the highest values of love, generosity, non-violence, wisdom, inner transformation, egoless service, scientific and critical thinking skills, and a vision of a perfect world to strive to create. The community must have an effective method of understanding the unconscious mind, the human soul, and of transforming the ego structure from its paranoid aggressivity and narcissism to one of open-hearted goodness. The method must be informed by the insights of psychoanalysis, but it must also comprehend and attain the higher dimensions of the super-conscious. It must offer a kind of shamanism, a new form of yoga that integrates the best and deepest wisdom of all the world's higher cultures, and transmits this knowledge in a form that can be learned by all members of the community.

The community must establish a sophiocracy, a form of governance by the wisest and purest of heart, as well as a path to gain such wisdom through discipleship training, and ways to prove the presence of such qualities to the community as a whole, so as to sustain general trust in the legitimacy of authority through time.

The community must establish its base in the mountains, in a de-militarized region, away from the coast, in a very lightly populated area away from major population centers. The communal land must have secure water supplies, mild climate, healthy biodiversity, adequate soil, seismic stability, and sufficient forests for wood and other natural products. Ideally, there would be a network of other benign intentional communities in the region, for purposes of barter and mutual support. The community must consist of people with a variety of low-tech survival skills, and must be open to learning new skills as the current system falls away.

Medicinal herbs will be important crops, and the skill to use them properly. Simple construction methods, textile production, animal husbandry, and other basic functions well-known to indigenous peoples must all be re-learned. But new information can also be downloaded from the noetic field, the akashic records, and the untapped community of cosmic intelligence, that may lead to new forms of clean technology of a higher kind then ever before imagined. We are on the verge of entering an unknown world of infinite possibilities. We must remain positive and creatively attuned to the potentials that will be offered to us.

Of course, our analysis would not be complete without responding to the skeptics, who will no doubt be shaking their heads and asking, “What if you are wrong? What if your prediction of the end of civilization is premature? After all, doomsday prophets have been predicting this kind of thing for millenia, and so far, we are still here. You may be waiting in your hideout for a long, long time.”

The answer is that the Sat Yoga Eco-Village is a hideaway, but not a hideout. It is a beautiful place to live, to raise children, to grow in wisdom, and to engage creatively in many social and cultural activities as a member of a unique and vibrant community, and as a citizen of the cosmos. The Sat Yoga Eco-Village expects to continue to grow in membership and in opportunities for clean and useful green enterprises. We expect to offer many kinds of educational seminars and retreats, to serve as an international conference center for global solutions, and to host the most avant-garde businesses and creative thinkers. We intend to become a world-class center of transformational processes and teaching and of environmental awareness. In whatever time we have left before the collapse of the current civilization ensues, we intend to be at the forefront of the dissemination of new ideas for the culture of the future. And we intend to be a leader in walking the talk, of living our philosophy, from sharing and non-violence to self-discipline and inner work leading to transformation and transcendence of the ego. We hope to demonstrate the feasibility of creating a community of Self-realized beings.

Now is the time to invest in a transformational community that will be an exciting place to live as part of the most advanced efforts to save our civilization from further decay; and that can also function, in the worst-case scenario, as a Noah's Ark through the time of the Flood that may be soon to come. Time is of the essence. A great deal must be done. The Sat Yoga community already has the most important elements in place. But we need more funds and more members with more skills and creative ideas. We hope you are moved to offer what you can to this great project of preparation for the world to come. Life does not get more meaningful than this! Be part of the great adventure! We look forward to meeting you at our next retreat!


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