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Spiritual Essays by Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute, on a wide variety of topics ranging from the goal of the spiritual path, to enlightenment and liberation, psychoanalysis and ego dynamics, and even quantum physics.

Monday, 12 April 2010 22:19

Please Join the KGB

Written by Shunyamurti

True Sat Yogis must be members of the KGB. In this case, of course, KGB does not refer to the defunct Soviet intelligence agency. Rather, it means to be those who vow to always act with KGB—Kindness, Generosity, and Benevolence—toward everyone we meet, but especially toward our spiritual community.

We need to act with KGB-consciousness because we know that in these final days of Kali Yuga everyone who is not a true Sat Yogi is in a state of hyper-sensitivity, emotional fragility, paranoia, lost-ness and confusion. So we must offer KGB—here, it also means Kali Good-bye Blessings—to help people recognize that it is time to return to the Light, to leave behind this plane of illusion and merge once more into the Supreme Reality. We can only give that message, non-verbally of course, if our consciousness is already united with the Supreme One.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 15:23

Monk or Monkey Mind?

Written by Shunyamurti

Most people today, before they enter a spiritual path, are made miserable by a mind that is out of control. The ego mind is wild, savage, selfish, filled with lusts, anger, greed, demands, judgments, hostile disregard for the feelings of others, it is utterly self-ungovernable—and yet at the same time it is weak, unbalanced, irrational, emotionally unstable, incapable of perseverance, humility, or clarity, or of full dedication and cooperation with others. Yogis refer to the ego-mind as the monkey-mind. The first task of a new yogi upon entering the path to the Supreme Liberation is gaining control of this monstrous monkey mind.

Monday, 15 March 2010 17:23

Frozen Teachings or Frozen Ego?

Written by Shunyamurti

Someone asked recently if the teachings of Sat Yoga are frozen, or if they are evolving. It was clear that the questioner had some objection to certain teachings and wanted them to change. But the question of the evolution of spiritual teachings goes beyond that issue. So it is important to clarify this matter for all our students. The answer has to take into consideration a number of factors.

Sunday, 07 January 2007 02:30

The Transformational Imperative

Written by Shunyamurti
Like alcoholics at a twelve-step meeting, we must admit the truth: existence has become unmanageable for the human species. At every level, from individual emotional stability to couple and family relationships to global politics, life is in deadlock. There is no solution to our problems—or even the possibility to will a solution—so long as human consciousness remains at its current level of incomplete development. Our conflicted egocentric psychic economy, reflected in our sociopolitical conflicts, must be transcended. Our addiction to the drives and pleasures of the ego—to its nasty attributes like narcissism, greed, hatred, prejudice, aggression, deception, venality, and denial—is destroying our collective existence.
Monday, 12 October 2009 00:02

"Who Are You?"

Written by Shunyamurti
A young student I am counseling just told me about a question she must answer on an application to an elite boarding school. The question is: “Who are you?” I laughed when I heard it.
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 22:08


Written by Shunyamurti
People like to believe they understand the game of life. In fact, the ego does not only like to believe it is in control of events—it has a desperate need to believe it does. So, for example, the religious person needs to believe that carrying out the divinely mandated rituals and prayers, and accepting the orthodox creed will guarantee her a place in heaven. The atheist scientist, on the other hand, needs to believe that there is no cosmic intelligence that is guiding events with an invisible hand, or else her whole enterprise of scientific reasoning loses its validity. That is why the concept of intelligent design in biology is so controversial. Once it is accepted as a legitimate possibility, then the thick wall that the scientific establishment has built to separate science from religion must fall. Intelligent design is a game-changer.
Monday, 05 November 2007 23:22

Quantum Yuga

Written by Shunyamurti

One name for our current historical moment could be Quantum Yuga. The discoveries of quantum mechanics have shattered the assumptions of the Newtonian paradigm that has too long held our consciousness in collapse, in the straitjacket of naïve pseudo-realism, the dualistic materialism that has successfully masqueraded as common sense. That common sense has revealed its true nature as the psychosis of ego-consciousness, otherwise known as Kali Yuga. We now have the conceptual tools to make a graceful exit into a new Sat Yuga—an age of higher truth and beauty resplendent with the true awareness of our transcendent unity. But to do that, we must de-collapse the wave function that has led to the appearance of the nightmare of demonic egocentricity that has settled upon this dying planet that was once our paradise home.

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