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Spiritual Essays by Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute, on a wide variety of topics ranging from the goal of the spiritual path, to enlightenment and liberation, psychoanalysis and ego dynamics, and even quantum physics.

Friday, 17 August 2012 09:55

Victory Over the Ordeal of Dying

Written by Shunyamurti
A question was asked at a recent gathering that deserves a more elaborated answer than could be offered in that setting. The question was, “What is the meaning of the phrase, ‘washed in the blood of the Lamb’?” Since this refers to a core doctrine of Christianity, the Atonement, which has universal archetypal meaning, it has profound significance for all of us, not just Christians, and especially in this historic moment.
Sunday, 12 August 2012 10:04

The Jewel in the Lotus of Apocalypse

Written by Shunyamurti
The Jewel in the Lotus of Apocalypse:
Mysterium Delirium Tremendum

Many are under the illusion that our current world crisis is simply a matter of global financial meltdown, worldwide political/military power struggles, and planetary climate change. But the situation is actually of vastly greater import than that. The entropic avalanche of disintegration is producing new protoplasmic and pneumatic pools of possibility, nuanced noetic niches that can withstand the nuisance of annihilation.

We are, among other levels of analysis, in the midst of an extraordinary evolutionary mega-mutation. Humans are evolving into a new species—and not just a slightly improved animal; an almost inconceivably different variety of non-carbon-based life forms.

Many people talk about our becoming transhuman, but there is a great deal of pedestrian confusion and cyber-infatuated wishful thinking as to what that implies. Our transmutation is so radical that our current level of consciousness cannot grasp the nature of the quantum leapfrogs some of us are now becoming.
Sunday, 05 August 2012 15:38

What Is To Be Done?

Written by Shunyamurti
The above title is a famous one, written by Lenin to guide the forces of the then-coming Communist Revolution in Russia. Now we face another revolutionary situation, far more wide-ranging and multidimensional than the merely political factors that the Bolsheviks faced. We now need a celestial revolution, one that is transcendent, cosmic, and ethically impeccable. But the world today has not yet discovered its Lenin. We need an adept revolutionary guide—and the will, on the part of a new global cadre of revolutionaries of consciousness, to live according to pure, egoless, revolutionary self-discipline.

Our new Lenin will have to be a Lennon as well, one who can sing the spontaneous melodies of our souls, their yearning and their suspicions, our lack and our love. Our Lennon/Lenin must also be a quantum Buddha/cosmic Christ/eternal avatar of the nameless Tao. Our guide must be one who dwells in silence, and sees the One Self in all. In fact, our Lenin must be the Si-Lenin-ce in us all.
Sunday, 08 July 2012 17:42

Psi Lens, Please…

Written by Shunyamurti
Silence is our psi lens. Only in inner silence can the source of consciousness be realized. This ultimate source is the key to understanding reality. Our current form of science lacks this key. We must create a true and complete psience in place of our defective materialist object-centric science.

Through integrating consciousness into our paradigm of reality, and actualizing its power—which was the original intent of ancient Greek philosophy as well as of Indian yoga—a fully unified field theory and divine dynamo of unlimited zero point energy can be formulated and configured.

Until we have understood the true nature and power of consciousness, and its place in the causal chain of phenomenal unfoldment, we shall not be able to ameliorate the current trajectory of planetary events toward total catastrophic disintegration. It is not the Higgs boson that is the true God particle, but authentic transcendent God-consciousness that permeates every particle, and that we must quickly discover and to which we must learn to attune.
Saturday, 12 May 2012 15:54


Written by Shunyamurti
At satsang recently, the question arose of the meaning of Christ’s atonement. His death on the cross is usually interpreted as a form of penal substitution, meaning he died for our sins.

In other words, from the Sat Yoga perspective, the prior God-image, that of the wrathful Father, would punish us for our sins, but the new God-image, the Son of Love, chooses meek submission unto death over violent retribution. This state of higher consciousness becomes our own through faith, which is identification or imitatio dei, and thus what really dies on the cross is the superego, the vengeful angry god of chakra three—meaning that through the act of tolerant, compassionate overcoming of anger, we are reborn as the Real Self, or in Christ-consciousness, and liberated from our ego, and thus from our sins.
Sunday, 12 February 2012 17:30

Critique of Poor Reason

Written by Shunyamurti
The ego uses reason poorly. The ego’s hidden agenda is always to flee from its own true Source. Thus, it employs a poor version of reason to create false ideas and construct defense mechanisms to protect its ignorance of its own real being from ever becoming unmasked—and transcended. This is a poor use of reason indeed.

This is all that can be expected of a false self. Once imagined, through the implantation of the I-thought and its gradually increasing attendant complex of signifiers, self-images, and signature emotions, the ego must keep its auto-illusion rolling along to avoid the fantasized catastrophe of ego death and depersonalization, which it depicts to itself as the ultimate dread, horrific lack, lostness, and abandonment in a barren void.

All such negative thought-forms are the real terrorist attacks, perpetrated on our entranced consciousness by the ego apparatus upon itself. These self-attacks, the false flag operations of the inner censor, originally a stimulus overload barrier grown out of control, can burgeon into full-blown anxiety attacks, which can then in turn bloom into psychosomatic symptoms and a morbid fear of both death and life. In fact, all psychopathology can be traced back to such auto-terrorism of the false self.
Wednesday, 14 May 2008 09:13

The Purification of Love

Written by Shunyamurti

The goal of spiritual development is the purification of love. Love is our innermost essence, our nature, and our fulfillment. But the love that is the very life energy of our Being is occluded by the false consciousness that developed in childhood and which has been petrified by unconscious conflicts, adaptation to social norms, and entrancement by ideologically determined limitations of our horizons. To free our minds from such constraints and open our intellects and hearts to our vast untapped potential, as individuals and as a united community of God-realized beings, is the focus of aspiration of the great work of self-transformation.

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