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"You are all sacred beings," says Shunyamurti, the spiritual director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Shunyamurti further elucidates, "There are profane beings and there are sacred beings. The word 'profane,' comes from pro fana—before the temple; its those who stand outside the temple. And then those who enter the temple, become sacred beings." And only by entering the 'holiest of holies,' the most sacred temple, the realm of the Real Self, may we complete our inward journey. "We are in the temple because we know that the only way out of the suffering of the profane world is to enter into the sacred dimension of our being."

"And so at the first level, yes, the body is our temple. And then there is another level where we realize the mind is our temple, the personality, the ego. But we have to go deeper within, beyond those levels, and let the personal levels of our being drop away in order to get to the transpersonal nucleus, the core, the Self of our Self. And to reach that Supreme Self requires the most intense purity and intensity of desire." This is meditation. "And if we have that desire to find out the ultimate truth of who we are, and to achieve union with the Supreme Self that is within us, that is our essence, then that will be given."

"And so until there has been a disconnect from the profane identity, and a complete reunion with the sacred identity—that is ultimately in union already with the Supreme Being because you are That. Until you are ready to live in the truth of That realization, then there will continue to be suffering and vacillation, and oscillation, and a lack of peace. But the moment that that desire is wholehearted, literally the doors of the temple will open. . . . So let us meditate with the intention that now is the eternal moment for the moth to dive into the Supreme Flame and melt into the infinite, eternal Self." Recorded on the evening of Thursday, March 4, 2010.

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