The Birth of the Godself (Part 1)



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"In these days before Christmas is a time to be incubating the Christ-self within us Who must be born," explains Shunyamurti, the spiritual master of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. "And the ceremony of the birthing of one's Godself and the death of the ego was always recognized as the most sacred of all days, and the entire year leads up to this moment. . . . But to do that, to give birth to the Christ-self, we must surrender the ego-self. We must empty out the mind of all residue of ego in order to be a pure vehicle for the Supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Love. To fill and to emanate and to be shared. Those are the gifts under the Christmas tree. It is the gift of the divine virtues that we can role model and transmit and appreciate in the other."

"So I hope you will give yourself the gift of being the gift that brings that empowerment to all of us and as a model to the entire world because this is the moment when the world is in its darkest days; this earth has never seen darker days than the ones we are in now. And these are the days in which we must give birth to the light. And we can't say somebody else will do it. We have to take responsibility for doing it. You know the Christmas tree is filled with lights. It is a festival of lights; but we must be those lights."

"And so I wish you all every blessing on achieving that?and doing it now because it takes so much time to purify the soul that if we wait, if we waste even one day and say, 'I'll start tomorrow,' or 'I'll start after my vacation,' or I'll start whenever, the time wont be there. There's no more margin. It has to be done now and ceaselessly; an ongoing purification of the self has to be the regimen that organizes our lives. . . . we pay the price of the ego, and what we gain is the priceless union with the Source of all being. Recorded on the evening of Thursday, December 22, 2009.

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