The Trick of Teaching (Part 1)



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"You know the trick in teaching a spiritual path is that people come from many different backgrounds, they're at many different levels . . . different phases of their journey. They have different existential concern, different questions, different doubts. And you can't speak in a way that will reach everyone in a group like this," explains Shunyamurti, the founder of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. If one speaks at the highest level, then it may appear to many as nonsense or irrelevant. If one speaks at the most basic level then others may perceive no value in the teaching. So when addressing different people, there may arise answers that seem contradictory. This can be well demonstrated in the questions and answers of Ramana Maharshi.

And eventually the time will come when conventional answers will not suffice to answer our questions, and then we can "step out of all the boxes and all of the levels of prefabricated answer that any philosophy or religion can give us and discover what is the Truth of our being." This journey leads to silence, "and then from that silence we realize were no longer an individual in the sense of a separate being, but that's when we realize our universality that can be expressed in a particularized way, but it comes from the Cosmic Mind, it doesn't come any longer from the individual level of mind. And that's when we transcend suffering, and illusion, and desire, and fear. And we can truly know who we are, and the nature of God, the nature of this world that we are thrown into, and what the meaning, and purpose, and direction of our lives must be."

But to be able to even reach the silence, there must first be a "healthy psychic structure that will enable you to contain the infinite within the finite." This is why the Sat Yoga Institute provides a space "in which we can get beyond all of those ego narratives and social demands out there that tell you 'This is not worth doing' or 'This is too dangerous' or 'This will threaten your house of cards' or 'It will make your family hate you and throw you out of the house' or whatever it is that the superego tells you to justify not going any deeper in the journey, which ultimately comes to a failure of nerve of realizing that you are and have been a stranger to yourself. You don't know your own potential. You don't know whats even in the deepest place of your own heart. . . . And so when the internal conflicts have been dissolved, then the external ones also?which are projections of the internal?will fall away. . . . And so I hope you will all give yourself?as the moth ultimately must?to dive into the flame and realize you, all the time, have been the flame." Recorded on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

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