Consciousness is a Myth: The Science of Yoga (Part 1)



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Since the advent of quantum physics the idea of matter has disappeared as a possible hypothesis for what the universe is made of. But Shunyamurti, the spiritual teacher of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, poses the following question: "Since there is no matter and no space and no time in any true sense, what do we mean by a universe?" But as he explains, "We tend then to fall back on the idea, 'Well, then its consciousness, the whole world is consciousness.' And its true that we talk a lot about consciousness in here, but I have to admit to you tonight that consciousness is also a myth." This teaching has long been known in every true spiritual tradition. In Christian tradition, Meister Eckhart once admitted, "If you would have the Kernel, you must break the husk," referring to the esoteric understanding that in order to achieve union with God, one must break through all conceptualizations and preconceived notions that one has about God.

"And the argument usually between two sides of the philosophic coin have been the materialists and the idealists. . . . Well what if both are wrong? Which is what Advaita, Buddhism have been saying all along. . . . So its important that we understand that when we are having Sat Yoga what we simply mean is were letting go of every mythological construct that we have been pinning an identity to. . . . But these constructs do not exist within any Ultimate Reality, and so you have to keep them going with a great deal of effort. And if you stop, keeping them going, they dissolve. . . . And no terms can describe it then. The Absolute is both nothing and everything but there is nothing and?there is not even a nothing. Even nothing has to be nothinged. And so there, nothing and everything are not opposites. There's no logical way to grasp any of this. And its by the act of surrendering that effort to understand this with logic that the intuitive knowing of it suddenly blasts forth." Recorded on the evening of Thursday, November 5, 2009.

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