The Triple Act of Being



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"Sat Yoga is the process of becoming fully aware of . . . [your] radiance. And then merging into that radiance and realizing the unlimited scope of that radiance," explains Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Sat Yoga meditation is a triple act: an unrestricted act of understanding, an unconditional act of love, and an undefinible act of Being.

The understanding includes "understanding all of reality, including the Self, unrestricted by beliefs, thoughts, language, or images." The love is a love without limits and barriers; a love that is not attached to an object or signifier. This act of Being is a giving up of the action of Becoming; it is an "absolute commitment to truthfulness and to presence and to open-heartedness that is our liberation."

"And so, Sat Yoga is a kind of meditation that one will open to only after one is done with all the games and is ready for Truth in the most naked form possible, which is formless. And when one is no longer content with justifying or rationalizing ones being, and when one is not afraid to face the emptiness and the nothingness behind all the masks, and once we are able to face the inner truth of our True Nature?fearlessly, openly, without distraction?we are liberated." Recorded on the afternoon of Tuesday October 13, 2009.

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