The 5000 Year Fall



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Student Question: These symbols of Ganesha and the mouse, or Shiva and the dwarf, are a little confusing to me because if society has been in a degradation for 5000 years, how were these symbols known so long ago?

These ancient mythologies, explains Shunyamurti, director of the Sat Yoga Institute, have built into them the known decline of civilization. "It's there, every culture, that at the end of time, no one would be able to hold on to any of the dharma." And this is really just "a recognition of the law of entropy," (the dissipation from the source; the increase of chaos or randomness), "operating at a spiritual level. . . . But this is a process that is happening at a collective level, so were seeing the decomposition of society now at a level that has never existed before. And before it took hundreds of years; like the Roman Empire lasted 800 years before it went into degradation. . . . Now you look at the U.S. in only 200 years in how they've fallen from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to Bush and Regan . . . Not that it was perfect, because it began way at the end of Kali Yuga, but the fall is more extreme; the drop is more steep." Recorded on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

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