The Silence of the Original Self



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Excerpt: "It is always important to remember why we are here before we begin and sometimes we take it for granted that we know why we are here.... In some cirlces what we are doing is called mysticism, but really there is no mystery to mysticism... or maybe the only mystery is why some people think it is so hard... because all we are doing in the mystical quest is recognizing who we are -- recognizing our original true nature... but what makes it seem hard is that we have aquired a conditioned nature -- a false nature so that we could adapt to the sickness of society and pretend that that is normal... and then we identified with all of the family signifiers, the cultural signifiers and all of the values of the society in which we live and we lost touch with our original nature... and once we bought into what our parents told us or implied between the lines or what we overheard or suspected or imagined or fantasized, and then what we were taught in school, mostly by fellow students but a little bit by teachers and then what we gain through all the disinformation of the media, has created a false self that is completely clueless about the true nature of what is real... and not only have we forgotten but we are not allowed to know -- it is prohibited -- there is a censor in the unconsciouss that was put in there like one of those internet filters you put in so kids cant watch the pornographic sites, they put that into each of us so that we couldn't see or know knowledge that was forbidden or unbearbale to the ego... and so that made us into our own worst enemy because your not allowed to see all the skeltons in the family closet and you are not allowed to see even more skeltons in the social closet or in the historic closet of all of human history and you are not allowed to know the true significance of our whole experience in this earth plane because we live in a very small box... but a point comes in our growth when we out grow that box and we need to explode it like a snake outgrows its skin and needs to let it go -- shed it to grow another one that fits - but we are afraid because knowbody else is doing it except a few other mad people like in a group like this.... (Recorded on the evening of Thursday, September 06, 2012)

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