Tat Tuam Asi



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Excerpt: "Tat Tuam Asi: Thou Art That -- very ancient mahavakya, I am That. That which is the 'I' of the individual is actually the Supreme Presence. Duality is an illusion. There is one Self, and each of us is That. Can we feel the truth of that mahavakya? Do we resonate with it? Do we surrender to that truth? Do we realize the bliss that comes with that realization? There is really nothing more to know or to study. Because in that state, when the individualized has returned to That, to the Supreme One, to the realization that you were always That, and eternally shall be, then the journey of karma on this wheel of reincarnation, of multiplicity, is complete. Tat Tuam Asi is the sound of our graduation ceremony, the angels will be singing that as we arise to the Supreme Light. And in that realization, all suffering falls away, all fear, all the narcissistic wounds carried by the ego, can finally be enjoyed from God's strange sense of humor. And that Divine Supreme Perspective heals all in this world, in all worlds. And there is no one left to need to do anything, because all that happens occurs within the dream of God, in absolute perfection." Recorded on the evening of Thursday, August 23, 2012.

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