Ecstasy or Extinction



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Excerpt: "Welcome to everyone again. Contrary to the impression you may have gotten from Radha, however, this institute is not about Shunyamurti at all. Our guru is Sri Ramana Maharshi, and my role is simply to help channel those divine teachings that have been given by the great guru of our age, make sure that the accuracy and purity are sustained, and the knowledge that has come though that great source is kept in its true context and format and all of the implications are developed so that we can attain the Supreme Liberation, which is our birth right. And so this is a very simple institution; it really is not very complex. Our main purpose here is to inform those who are seeking Truth that Truth is available and is within you already. You don't have to do a lot of exploration outside—that's the mistake people make: looking for it outside instead of within. So here we learn to turn our attention inward, and to realize that within each of us is what has often been called 'Satyam Gyanam Anantam': the Truth, the unalloyed, Absolute Truth of what is Real, 'Satyam.' 'Gyanam' means the overflowing knowledge that is the Self-knowledge of the Absolute; not conceptual knowledge about some third party; not God as some other or some belief-system or mythology, but the direct Self-knowledge that emerges from realization of the God-Self that you are—that is pure knowledge of all that is, because all that is, is really a manifestation of the one Supreme Being. And 'Anantam' means infinity, there is no end; there is no point when, 'ah, OK, I've got it all there is no more to learn.' Endless, infinite ocean of Truth, Knowledge, Beauty, Love, and all of the qualities that make human life worth living. All of that is within us, within each of us." (March Satsang) Recorded on the evening of Saturday, March 3, 2012.

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