Seven Steps to Samadhi



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With all the changes we are experiencing, as “reality” is getting stranger and stranger, “it’s important to understand how to meditate, how to shut off the static in the mind to reach the true signal that’s coming from that Supreme Reality that’s trying to guide us, but that we don’t generally pay attention to because we’ve been indoctrinated that It doesn’t exist, and [that] we shouldn’t pay attention to it, it’s only our imagination, and we should only pay attention to what we can establish by the scientific method, etc., etc.,” elucidates Shunyamurti, the spiritual guide of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. “And so, we have to learn to make that shift into a higher dimension of consciousness. And the traditional yogic way of doing that—which is the earliest scientific method—true method of conscious transformation—is through an internalization, a turning around of our conscious energies. And in the meditative state, we do this in a seven stage process that will lead to samadhi.”

“So the first stage is that of pacification: if you want to meditate, you have to pacify your body. . . . enough that we can then go to the second stage, which is pranafication. The body is not basically physical, that’s the illusion. The second level, the more subtle level, is that of prana, which we could call ‘bioelectromagnetic energies,’ that are flowing through the body. And we need to become aware of the prana and get it to flow. . . . And the pranafication will then lead to the third stage, which is a pyramidization: the prana will begin to pyramid upward, the ‘kundalini shakti energy,’ which is even more subtle than the prana, will begin to rise.” This will lead to the fourth stage, which is “pinealization, the activation of the pineal gland.” The activation of the pineal gland, revealing the inner light, will lead to “pontification” in which one can “download, from the Source, information that can be turned into symbolic form, whether in language or images or mathematics or music, whatever is needed for a particular kind of communication . . .” Recorded on the evening of Thursday, January 13, 2011.

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