Pulling on the Thread of Maya



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"The paradox of the spiritual journey is that, in reality, all of us are already enlightened," explains Shunyamurti, the spiritual director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. "We are always already liberated because there is only one Real, one Truth, one Beingness. The rest is illusion. . . . But . . . the Supreme Being, in order to enjoy all of the possibilities of experience, all the possible permutations of potentiality, has created Maya, the illusion of separateness." We have lost the knowledge of our Divine Nature, "and it is a necessary loss of that knowledge that enables us to gain something else. And that something else includes courage and virtue—and the potential of discovering ever more within the realm of potentiality. To make this world . . . into the most beautiful flow of consciousness in action, in harmony—in the realization of unity in the diversity. To bring to the illusion the very power of Truth."

"And it's that capacity—to bring the Light into the darkness—that makes one's illumination even more powerful than it would have been had you not manifested within the cloud of Maya. To light that light in the midst of the darkness, brings a richness to the Real that would not otherwise be there. . . . And now is the moment when we're against the wall of all the karmic backlash of the putting off of realization . . . [and] we must achieve Liberation for the sake—not only of this individual illusion, but for the whole planetary illusion. And once one thread of that illusion is removed, the whole thing comes apart very easily. So there is no one to be liberated; that's the meaning of Liberation. It is not that there is an 'I' who is in chains and then becomes liberated. It is that there is no separate 'I.' There is only the substratum of pure awareness that manifests the forms that appear in the flux of the phenomenal plane. And that consciousness is one with all that is and that ever was or shall be." Recorded on the evening of Thursday, August 5, 2010.

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