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Romain Liebs

Testimony at Sat Yoga

By Romain Liebs

It is hard to describe an experience which is beyond words. Sat Yoga Institute is without doubt the University of my dreams.

The three months in Costa Rica, the numerous classes in different directions such as psychology, spiritual ancient teachings, the world’s situation, etc., the musical experiences (such as the drumming circle and the great Nada Yoga experiences), the creative writing, and the unforgettable cooking classes—and the cooking itself (every day we can witness the incredibly creative culinary creations of Radha)—simply were marvelous. Also the really great Asana Yoga classes by Saraswati on Saturdays are to be stressed. She is the best Asana teacher so far.

The whole group is more than fantastic, with and incredibly high level of intellectual, benevolent and loving power.

As a therapist it is important to say that the experience has been truly enriching and what has been learned is being applied efficiently and leads to great liberating experiences.

Romain Liebs

What also is remarkable is the seriousness of the whole approach: no time is wasted in “esoteric adding”, nor is there any place for superfluous “adoration” towards the master, the director of the Institute, Shunyamurti.

He is a liberated “no-man” who achieves the difficult task of  leading a Sangha (Spiritual Group) towards a deep process of liberation in a very loving and near way.

His sessions were really great and the deep understanding of the ego’s contradictions and of the real nature that everybody has inside resulted in great experiences of recognition of the Self.

So I really recommend a visit to Sat Yoga, or a retreat or a scholarship to everybody who really is interested in finding true happiness and liberation.

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