Saturday, 01 November 2008 10:11

Buddhi's experience . . .

I spent 2 ½ weeks studying at the Sat Yoga Institute and, in that time, my heart opened and my perception of who I truly am and who you are as well, completely shifted.  It’s difficult to articulate in a way that truly conveys the power and beauty of the transformation that took place there for me.

The process included a series of private sessions with Shunyamurti, the Director of the Sat Yoga Institute, who is nothing less than a highly evolved Sage who was able to help me empty myself of worn out perceptions and fears that kept me from being in a state of joy.  He did this through assisting me in interpreting my dreams, surrounding me with unconditional love and showing me the way to directly experience the ever present love of God.

In addition to time spent with Shunyamurti, I was also embraced by the healing power of the community at the Sat Yoga Institute.  The full time students, part time students staff and a monk there create a family that functions at the highest level I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.  With them I meditated, practiced asana’s, studied a wide variety of teachings and laughed. I truly felt at home for the first time in my life.

This work is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage and discipline to engage in the process of identifying and letting go of long held beliefs and to allow for new awareness to be born within.  During my time there, my body and Spirit was nurtured by the beautiful food that was prepared by the radiant Radha.  Her creations were a direct expression of the most divine love and each meal fed every part of my being.

Buddhi and our sangha after a meditation class

I learned more about myself, and the world I live in, than I have in all 48 years of my life.  Little by little, the light from within me became brighter and brighter.  And now that I’m back in California, that light continues to shine in a way that I never knew was possible.  If you have a desire to move forward toward your own light, if you feel as though you would like to increase the level of joy and love in your life, take some time for yourself and experience what the Sat Yoga Institute has to offer. It is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself, my family and the community as a whole.

Namaste,  Buddhi
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