Thursday, 29 April 2010 23:49

The Ride of Your Life!

Sat Yoga will challenge your sense of Self, your belief structures and perceptions.  Engaging in such an experience holds potential for disruptive change and resulting  temporary discomfort.  What becomes critical then, is one’s openness to new information and enhanced self-awareness; and, the manner in which such growth is nurtured.
Despite the core resonance likely felt upon researching Sat Yoga on-line, watching and listening to the ‘teachings’, or, reading “The Transformational Imperative”, there is likely to be some uncertainty.  Questions may include: “Is this a cult?”; “Will I be caught up in ‘guru worship’?; or, “Is it too good to be true”.  Most of us have been conditioned to ‘expect much and receive less’ in a world of hyper-marketing - even among new-age modalities and personages promising ‘consciousness raising’.


However, the transformative journey-work and engagement with the Sat Yoga community I experienced, was, to be understated, fully positive!  For over 6 weeks I was blessed with an opportunity for fundamental personal growth within a loving context of conscious Souls, facilitated by the unique and amazing energies of Shunyamurti.  Certainly there were moments of disquieting self-reflection and aloneness, but that was the point of the journey - to look within and to question the nature of reality (and the Divine), as I had defined it in my life.

Shunyamurti’s presence, counsel and vision of community is based on a deep love for all.  His integrity of Being is unwavering.  His breadth of knowledge and holistic approach to the work of personal (and therefore community), spiritual transformation is inspiring. Those qualities are reflected in the behaviours and language of the Sat Yoga volunteer staff.  This is the clear example he sets, the magnetic leadership provided, and, the creative palette set forth which allows each member of the community to be an artist of personal transformation. I have only begun to paint my canvass of ‘enlightenment’. There is much personal change yet to be crafted and I am looking forward to returning to Sat Yoga to contribute to the ‘big picture’ - the Ashram Project.  We have a saying out-west in cowboy country that holds true for Sat Yoga:

“It’s all that -and a bag of chips”....

If you’re ready, “Saddle Up”, this will be the “Ride of Your Life”!

Robert Miller - Sat Yoga Participant (February / March, 2010)
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