Saturday, 09 May 2009 10:40

In Costa Rica – SAT Yoga

The outside of the SAT Yoga Institute institute is nothing, almost a depiction of the inner work of the institute reflects on the outside…………one walks in through the gate and the energy of peace and calm engulfs you……..the warm and welcoming patina of the floor, the woodwork and the zen space all say “welcome home”.

The clean meditation, of quiet energy and the outside sound of the trees swaying with the gentle breeze both, caress the soul and provided a safe space to enter within.  The sangha members are a collection of  energy…….they are very well informed of the process to follow, yet do it so seamlessly that a newcomer is put to ease. 

What I liked the best was the meditation sessions, the yoga, and the satsang with Shunyamurti.  The food for the body and soul cooked with much loving by Radha in her beautiful and sunny kitchen,  reflects her soul.

I found SAT yoga a safe place where I went in to find nothing, and came out with nothing, energized and reassured of the path to liberation which is a journey that starts and ends in one.



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