Young Adults Group

We offer a weekly gathering for young people to discuss how psychological understanding, spiritual wisdom, and meditative centering can be helpful to their lives. We approach difficult questions including identity, sexuality, parenting, alcohol, drugs, dealing with dysfunctional families, childhood traumas, and discovering life goals and values.

We also read thought-provoking spiritual essays to create a sattvic energy field and to direct the conversation toward higher chakra topics. However we also provide a space for young people to share the more difficult and challenging aspects of their journey through a society that doesn’t provide higher goals and values for its members. But more importantly, the Sat Yoga Young Adults Group helps students integrate spiritual wisdom and teachings into their lives, and to live the path amidst the chaos of a fragmented civilization.

The Sat Yoga Young Adults Group provides a network of support in which younger students can revitalize themselves among loving and nurturing energies to face the obstacles that they may encounter on their own spiritual path.

In this group we reinterpret current trends and events through the wholocentric lens that we have gained from our studies in the Sat Yoga curriculum, drawing from such diverse fields as psychology, history, and modern sciences, set against the backdrop of the spiritual Reality that we are immersed in every moment.

Finally, in this coming together of kindred spirits we provide inner strength for students who are caught between the socio-cultural mandate of instant-gratification and the innermost desire of the soul’s longing for Liberation.

(Note: The Sat Yoga Young Adults Group is for students between the ages of 18-30)

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