Study Group


In this hour of open discussion and study, students delve deeply into the psycho-spiritual teachings of Sat Yoga. Often we revisit recent teachings given by Shunyamurti in classes or weekend seminars. The basic study group, taught by Radha, focuses on specific modules of information that are at the core of Sat Yoga philosophy, including the chakra map; the ‘soular’ system and our circuits of desire; ego mind vs. Sat mind; the seven bodies; and many, many more. This gives students a chance to revisit material that they may not be entirely familiar with and allows the whole group to participate in an open discussion in order to increase everyone's awareness of these complex subjects. We usually spend several weeks on one topic, which helps students to attain a deeper understanding of these essential topics.

Our study groups are normally offered every Thursday evening at 5:00pm. Please see our web calendar for exceptions.

If you are new to Sat Yoga Institute, please set up an orientation before attending either of our study groups.

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