Daily Meditation Sittings

Because the art of meditation is such an important aspect of the Sat Yoga lifestyle, we offer daily meditation sittings to reinforce this sometimes challenging practice. The daily meditation sittings consist of a 50 minute group meditation which begin at 12:30pm Monday through Thursday (please see our web calendar for exceptions). These meditation sittings commence with a reading from The Transformational Imperative or from one of Shunyamurti's essays led by a teacher-trainee.

We feel that these sittings not only reinforce the practice of meditation, but also allow both newer and older students glean the wisdom of a living spiritual tradition in an intimate and accepting environment, thus strengthening the cohesion of the community. We understand that many students have commitments to their work or family, but we encourage everyone who can make time to come and enjoy the luminosity of being part of these Sat Yoga gatherings.

Please make sure that you have gone through an orientation process before attending one of these classes.

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