Karma Yoga

karma_yoga_1_smallKarma Yoga, or volunteer work, is an integral component of our sangha. In fact, the continuing existence of the sangha depends on volunteers. Since we are a low-budget, non-profit organization, with free tuition, we rely on the benevolent actions of our dedicated karma yogis. In addition to helping the sangha, karma yogis also enjoy the benefit of tipping the scales of karma in their favor so that their entire practice may blossom more fully.

Karma Yogis selflessly provide many services in the Sat Yoga Institute, including transcribing the teachings of Shunyamurti, washing dishes, gardening, cleaning the meditation hall, arranging the seating for events, answering phone calls and emails, and much, much more.

And because we are without endowments or other regular funding, only the help of our karma yogis assures the ongoing functioning of the Sat Yoga Institute.

Therefore we invite all who wish to contribute their skills and services to the sangha to come and lend a hand to help our vision reach more people.

If you are interested in participating in our Karma Yoga program, please contact Saraswati.

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