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Sunday, 17 April 2011 18:45

Loving is the Key to Thinking

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Loving is the key to thinking

Heart closed, thoughts sinking

Shutter closed, ideas like distant stars- barely blinking

I feel the difficulty

The difficulty in true and deep thinking

There is no greater task than to unmask

The fragile heart, where all of life starts,

and sadly, often retards

those who can think but cannot feel-

its like delving into an icy pond-

and they will never get to the agni of the Real.


If the heart is open how to know

If its love is token

How to know what is vast and unspoken

If one cannot grasp

Where the ego holds fast.


How can love be the answer to the

Complexity of thought?

How can love answer multiple knots

Where endless layers of consciousness

are caught-

Who can sell or give away

What has not been bought? Or seemingly sought?


In love, intention is tethered to will

That receives its direction

From joyous energizing desire to fulfill

Something beyond the societal mill

Its this spark in the dark

One must ignite

To overcome indecision and fright

To become one with the firmament, one¹s spiritual night.


Is there such a thing as love without thought?

Love that can correct what was wraught

There is always a lesson to be taught

But can you see it?

What¹s the heart´s eye´s lot?

What comes first- understanding the plot?

Untying the knot?

Seeing where the fish is caught?

Gasping at how you have been bought?

Despairing at how you have vainly fought?

How many years you wasted smoking pot?

Worrying if you skin was taut?

And whatever wasteful what-not?


Or, opening the inner chamber doors wide-

Watching to see if your mental sun will rise

If you will be capable to see with your eyes

If you really are divine, in such a

Simple, unfettered way


Flinging the doors open to the Great

What if behind wood, there is just a crate?

What if behind one door, there is another gate?

What if your love is fake?


Somewhere between Ideas and a

Burgeoning Heart

There is Art.

And the Samurai Soul Goes That Way

And it does it Today.

That is the answer to the cancer of despair- that

Multiplies like unwanted body hair

In between there is a crack

Out of which bubbles magical fact.


One can only be poised it seems-

And the greatest secret of all rhyme

Is to be balanced and hidden in time

Revealed at the key moment,

Concealed in the sublime.

Heart open unknowing faces the Task, glowing

Ready for God´s showing, forever sowing.


The heart is Art- a fine-tuned

Vibrational loom

That weaves out of Life

Its efflorescent flower

In full bloom.

This is Desire, carved and pure,

Seeking perfection and happy, happy

When it is near. It is a mind in the


What else could be so dear?


Intoxication with the Present

Culmination of the Event

Brings on a strangejoy, an advent

Of Love´s devotional offspring

Touches the chords of the heart

And makes them sing.

From this, great words ring.


Vocal chords are gates of expression

Ethereal, momentary, they leave

Great impressions.

How to train the instrument

How to live in the Vow

One must enter the Valley of Life

And find oneself there-

One must be on that altiplano

Utterly devout.


The humble heart´s key-

Face your manifest destiny.


When the heart sees the map-

It can let go of all the crap

And feed off vines of mystery-

Flow in reverie


Dark clouds of doubt

Threaten the freedom of the opened-out-

Blossomed space of soul¹s majesty-

How does the heart have clout over



Mental position is a juxtaposition

Of Love and Law-

If you haven´t studied the books-

There´s no bullet for your fast draw

And if you haven´t opened your heart

Your words will always miss the mark.


Oh Great Mirror- do not lie to us!

Reflect with vital force

Where, how our thinking is coarse

And God,

Free the foal from its mother

So she can stride like a meta-horse

And we,

We will courageously

Begin to See

How we are a part of Thee.


Radha Lakshmi

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