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Hymn of Benevolence

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Oh dear child, friend, or beloved

I beg you to trust the words I say unto thee

Because they come not from my blindness

But from the golden sea of our eternal Being


Remember always, that I see you as a deathless being

No sickness can touch you, no trouble can wound you

In you all darkness transforms into abundant nectar of blissful joy


Know always my dear one

That it is my wish that you find what you desire

If it is someone to share this life, may he or she surpass your highest needs

If it is somone to guide you through this life, may he or she be blessed with the wisdom of loving kindness, truthfulness, and dispassion

If it is union with our Beloved that you seek, may your heart melt in the ecstatic rapture of our luminous Self


Finally, know that I wish you to thrive, and thrive

Your powers are endless, your greatness unseen

You shall graduate from this life

Conquering your shadows and taming your wild beasts


You are now a refuge for all, a beacon of love, a spring of hope

You are the one to redream this world

And turn it from a hell, into a heaven

It is in your hands to allow joy and growth to abide once again


I believe in you


And know that for me, you are and will always be


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